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I'm pro-choice, NOT pro-abortion. You heard me

I’m actually very much against abortion.

It’s interesting that I learned my progressive idealism from my father who considers himself a conservative.  Dad is pro-choice. When I learned his stance on it, I still hadn’t made up my own mind. 1,264 more words

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The War In Heaven by Rebecca Guay

Review: CHORALE, A Sam Shepard Roadshow, The War in Heaven

The War in Heaven, Sam Shepard

“I died the day I was born and became an Angel on that day”

Whilst the non resolution of… 999 more words

Visual Fragments

CHORALE: A Sam Shepard Roadshow May - July 2014

“Sam Shepard begins and ends with the road where the route to promise and fulfilment, or damnation seem perilously interwoven…imagine luring Beckett onto the back of  a flatbed truck with Jack Kerouac, Corso and the Beats driving across America, hard, fast and furiously in search of a new sublime.” 984 more words

Visual Fragments

The Purging

There are battles that rage of which we know nothing. No man has ever heard an angel speak unless he is personally addressed; and that for the purposes of the war in spiritual realms. 240 more words


The War In Heaven: Sixteen Tons of Pissed Off

These suits were pretty damn smart on their own.

They understood the battlefield, their own capabilities, and how to integrate with and support humans. Given how incredibly good they were at both identifying and filtering data, it surprised her that she was hearing Feral screaming in apparent agony through the radio. 2,498 more words


The War In Heaven: The Melikai

Ultraspace Route to Nodrah System, Mek Feron

She was on route to represent the newest space faring race in the cosmos at what she considered the millennium’s most important Melikai Tribunal. 2,756 more words