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Stories from the Poverty (economics) of Passion for the Arts.

I was at this dinner party several weeks ago when this lady told me that she was once a dancer. Her life was filled with a passion for dancing, it was all she wanted to do. 993 more words

5 Books that changed my life (and you should read them)

We all have those special books that really made an impact on our lives, and we can never forget the stories. They go through our heads again and again. 417 more words

5 Things

The War of Art

I completely forgot that I wanted to do a book review from a book I read over the summer. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield is a short, easy read with a big message. 883 more words

Hodge Podge

Belief Bubbles

For years I have been adamant in my refusal to read any sort of self-help book(well, outside of The Artist Way). Recently, however, I have been sort of gobbling them up like an emotionally damaged hungry, hungry hippo. 349 more words

Shower the People . . .

. . . You Love with Love.  A dear friend, who happens to live across the globe, and whom I have yet set eyes on in person, sent me a most thoughtfully artistic gift.   332 more words

Katrina Perkins


Monday! I have NEVER liked Monday. Nothing personal, it just always has a way of knocking the wind right out of ya.
Not anymore! From “ 290 more words

Writing Bad to Get Good

Lately, I’ve been contemplating the difference between writing and editing. I mean sure we need our brains for both tasks, but doing them requires something very different. 704 more words