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Gratitude for Blessings and "The War of Art"

Thank you Joe Tye for such support and generosity for my writing journey.

You are truly not only a wonderful coach of values … you live those values. 28 more words


The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The Domino Project was a publishing experiment run by Seth Godin and Amazon.com back in 2011. They released several small books aimed at business readers. The book equivalent of a TED talk, they could be consumed quickly (about an hour) and had a mission of spreading ideas quickly. 445 more words


Time to write.

It’s been a long time between posts, readers. Not because I haven’t wanted to – I’m always thinking about writing if I’m not actually writing in some shape or form. 561 more words


The Friction of Transformation

So this blog is subtitled – an experiment of transformation. That is; a story about transformation in which “transformation” is the hero or the protagonist. This begs a question, who is the antagonist? 458 more words

Happy Mail!

Woo! Plenty of happy mail to be happy about. I ordered a few bits and pieces for myself that have been sitting on my wishlist for ages (I’m talking years for a couple things). 229 more words


When I decided to reboot the Creature of Habit series in POC (pencil of color) 26 weeks ago, I knew very little about where it was going – well, that’s not true; I knew it was going to 52. 537 more words