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Why Hard Work Is More Important Than Talent

A middle-aged white lady sighs heavily as she walks out of my booth at a local craft fair. She turns to her friend and bemoans her fate: “I wish I was talented.” I roll my eyes so hard I can see my hindbrain and paste a smile on my face as someone else wanders into my booth. 897 more words


Love Your Work and ... It's Still Work

“Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Lovely sentiment. But it’s a lie.

If you love what you do for work, it sure makes it more meaningful and enjoyable … but it doesn’t change that it is still work. 204 more words

My New Tattoo: Write the Story

I’ve been collecting tattoos since 2010.

Each is a reminder of an idea or principle I don’t want to forget. Like tying a string around my finger, but in a way that I can’t then lose the string without also losing an appendage. 288 more words

Change Yourself

The 1% War

who are the soldiers of the poor?

shouts the activist

silence screams back

who fights for the rich?

the poor fight

and die for them

when the rich go to war

the poor carry the fight

the soldiers of the rich are many

pawns on an endless board

the poor has no army

only an army of ideals

an army of the mind

ideas are peaceful

history is violent

© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

The Nexus

Experts and a Jackass

Whenever I send an idea that’s influenced me back into the world after running it through my little mental filter, there’s a voice in my head that, without fail, tells me that the idea’s already been expressed by someone more famous, more talented, more accomplished, and more worthy than I am. 377 more words

Doing The Work

Climb, Crab, Climb!

When a crab fishermen catches some crabs, the crabs get dropped into boxes on board the boat. The boxes don’t have lids on them.

Why not? 379 more words

Change Yourself

5 Motivating Books

Mondays can be hard, even when you love your job. After two days of living without a schedule I find myself struggling to get back on the horse. 534 more words