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I Had A Dream

It happened when I was waiting by myself at the lunch place where I had been having my lunch lately, and the person I waited for was 10 minutes late. 791 more words

The Warrior

Show and Tell

Of a single orange floating device floated aimlessly in the sea, in a broad daylight.

"The view here was breathtaking and I wish you were here…" were my words that whispered his true meaning. 85 more words

The Warrior

Latest News from around the World

Hulk Hogan takes over WCW. Hulk Hogan became the new head of WCW last night, somehow managing to grab the reigns of power in one lightning-fast move. 1,443 more words

July 1994

Flash Back Friday : Watch 'The Warrior' by Scandal

I heard this song on my drive in to work this morning…thanks 92.5 Fresh FM!

Lyrics: Shooting at the walls of heartache bang, bang / I am the warrior / Well, I am the warrior / And heart to heart you’ll win… … 18 more words

A walk in the woods

Written by the Warrior

Recently, I read a book by one of my favourite authors, Bill Bryson, called “A Walk in the Woods“. What I meant by “one of my favourite authors”, is that I have read 2 of his books. 997 more words

The Warrior

BAFTA Highlights - July

As we crest past the mid-point of the year, we begin to fall headfirst into the balmy summer days of barbecues, sunbathing and the inevitable sunburn. 548 more words

Trailers And News

Let there be camping

Written by the Warrior

This cold and wet May two four weekend ushered in a brand new camping season.

Following on our new (from last year’s) tradition of… 148 more words

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