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Day 52 of P90X (P360X Challenge) -- The Warrior

Day 52 come and gone! My favorite part of the day is by far my workout — that’s what gets me through my day at work! 232 more words

The Rapist and The Warrior: Two Archeytpes showing themselves in the collective at this time

As a student of Archetypes and symbols, two major archetypes are up for me this week: The Rapist and The Warrior. The news has been full of stories about Rape. 1,732 more words

The World According To Velvet

Dante Dante Dante

Ok so obviously we know he gets his name from Dante’s Inferno but I hated reading any and all school books during high school, so other than traveling through the different layers of hell, I really don’t know if there’s anything else that’s relevant to his name. 349 more words

Book Review

Pretending to be Pirates in Portsmouth

Today I saw the ocean for the first time in over a year. Sadly, there was no beach to compliment it, but that didn’t detract from its beauty in the slightest. 975 more words

Day 62 -- The Warrior and Cardio X

Before you go looking at your schedules, no, today was not supposed to be The Warrior, but I’m modifying!

My wife and I are out of town for most of the week, and while I have a door-frame pull-up bar and some bands, I’m still not in a great position to do Total Synergistics (which was today’s workout). 532 more words

yoga sequence

I love to challenge myself. So, the next few days, weeks, and maybe months I’m going to challenge myself with this cute yoga sequence I found online. 73 more words