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ANALYSIS: How to define Iran’s Hassan Rouhani as a ‘moderate’

Hassan Rouhani reaching a second term in Iran as the regime’s president should not be interpreted as the vote of the people seeking a moderate voice over hardline conservatives. 858 more words


Adolf Erdoğan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan orders takedown of “humiliating” news reports comparing him to Hitler

The Turkish tyrant ordered Google to delist over 40 URLs including a critical report by The Washington Times, plus an AOL image search for “Adolf Erdoğan,” because they allegedly link to “hurtful, humiliating” images and memes. 95 more words

Law And Politics

EPA chief Pruitt: Obama no ‘environmental savior,’ past administration accomplished nothing

By Ben Wolfgang – The Washington Times – Thursday, May 11, 2017 Former President Obama is widely revered by activists and progressive Democrats for his actions on climate change, but Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt on Thursday challenged those credentials and said the former commander in chief was no “environmental savior.” In a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt, Mr.…

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Climate Matters

Target, Home Depot, CVS: 200 major retailers step up to support Gorsuch nomination

H/T The Washington Times.

I can just hear the DemocRats we need to oppose Judge Neil Gorsuch nomination because these evil corporations want him appointed. 391 more words

Our Forefathers Gave Us The Freedom Of The Press But It Was Not Intended For The Press To Set The Agenda

It’s true that our Forefathers had some vicious attacks thrown at them by the press and they all used it at one form or another to attack their opponents. 710 more words

No Arrests Made at Peaceful Women’s March in Washington as New Hampshire Police Thank Protesters

More than 200 protesters and rioters were arrested on the streets of Washington, D.C. after Friday’s inauguration of President Donald Trump — forcing police to use pepper spray and stun grenades,  119 more words


Restoring justice

H/T The Washington Times.

This comment from Little Smucky Schumer really makes me mad.

 “I am not confident in Sen. Sessions’ ability to be a defender of the rights of all Americans, or to serve as an independent check on the incoming administration,” Mr. 769 more words