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Top Secret? Jordan Furious After Pentagon Reveals Anti-ISIL Training Site / Sputnik International


The slip happened last week as a Pentagon officer briefed reporters on condition of anonymity. In an effort to hide the screw-up, the Pentagon has since redacted any mention of the training camp from its public records, the Washington Times reported. 513 more words


‘No Religion Is Responsible for Terrorism’ + More - Daily Digest

The Patriot Post ~


“I have long been settled in my own opinion that neither philosophy, nor religion, nor morality, nor wisdom, nor interest, will ever govern nations or parties, against their vanity, their pride, their resentment, or revenge, or their avarice, or ambition. 3,374 more words

Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama) Extreme Left

Watch Deneen Borelli Debate Black Children Anti-White Brainwashing on Hannity

This is by  Deneen Borelli.

Deneen is exposing the lack of tolerance and ignorance of the race baiting left.

Jacques DeGraff is one of those clueless race baiters. 178 more words

Review of West of Sunset from The Washington Times

Imagining F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Hollywood life

By Corinna Lothar

The Gilded Age. “The Great Gatsby” exemplified the privileged life style of the 1920s Jazz Age. F.

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15 Statistics That Destroy Liberal Narratives

This is from Town Hall.

1) President Obama’s own Department of Justice completed a six-year study on college rape, and it turns out that instead of 1-in-5 college coeds being raped, the figure is 0.03-in-5. 1,393 more words