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Copy editor Patricia Cole triumphs at Law360

Beginning her professional career in 1999, Patricia Cole is a passionate journalist and avid member of the American Copy Editors Society. Cole is a top copy editor and recently won third place in the 2016 ACES headline contest. 1,127 more words

American Copy Editors Society

Obamaphone expands to Obama-Internet, with little thought of cost, abuse

This is from The Washington Times. 

When will this spending madness end?

With a gutless nutless Congress and Obama in the White House it is unlikely to stop. 206 more words

Merrick Garland has ‘very liberal view of gun rights’

This is from The Washington Times. 

We need to keep the pressure on the GOP not to give Garland a interview or a hearing.

You can reach your Senator at this… 357 more words

Appeals court rules Md. gun control law infringes on Second Amendment rights

This is from The Washington Times.

A federal appeals court challenged the legality of Maryland’s assault weapon and high-capacity magazine ban on Thursday, saying the law infringes on the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms. 905 more words

Obama admin lobbies governors to accept Syrian refugees

This is from The Washington Times. 

Here are some  for Obama’s assurances/promises that have failed.

If you like your policy,You can keep your policy.

If you like your doctor, You can keep your doctor. 393 more words

Does Anybody Know Who Charles Hurt Is?

CHEYENNE, WY. 2/2/16 – Not that anybody should. I tried to find out. The best I could do was to find a reference to him as a staff reporter for the Washington Times, the solidly Conservative newspaper I read fairly regularly. 348 more words


State Department is now in direct violation of the judges orders in receiving Hillary Clinton emails.

This is from The Washington Times.

This is a case of Liberals circling the wagons to protect the Hildabeast.

The State Department broke a judge’s order on the number of former Secretary… 387 more words