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Does Anybody Know Who Charles Hurt Is?

CHEYENNE, WY. 2/2/16 – Not that anybody should. I tried to find out. The best I could do was to find a reference to him as a staff reporter for the Washington Times, the solidly Conservative newspaper I read fairly regularly. 348 more words


State Department is now in direct violation of the judges orders in receiving Hillary Clinton emails.

This is from The Washington Times.

This is a case of Liberals circling the wagons to protect the Hildabeast.

The State Department broke a judge’s order on the number of former Secretary… 387 more words

Is Climate Change really just Science Fiction?

LAMAR SMITH: NOAA’s climate change science fiction

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is the nation’s leading collector of climate data. Every day, NOAA analyzes vast amounts of data to predict changes to our climate, weather, oceans and coasts. 125 more words

Vincent Banial


This is from Breitbarts Big Government. 

Christy’s husband,Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-IN-3rd) is in the race to replace Sen. Dan Coats (RINO-IN) in the Senate.

Christy Stutzman is a wife, former teacher, and mother, who believes the “senseless acts of violence” often perpetrated on school campuses with a gun can be remedied not by taking away guns, but by taking away gun-free zones. 345 more words

PETER VINCENT PRY: Does Obama hail the end of the American Century? - Washington Times

According to the Washington Times, President Obama has in six years virtually destroyed the credibility of the United States as the security guarantor of the… 136 more words


Schumer Says He Will Oppose Iran Nuclear Deal

This is from The Washington Times.

I can say this is one issue that I can and do agree with Senator Chuck Schumer on.

This is a bad deal for America and Israel. 899 more words

‘Jihadi John’ allegedly flees Islamic State, fears he too will be beheaded

This is from The Washington Times.

 Jihadi John the useful idiot is no longer useful and now will pay the price for his traitorous actions. 319 more words