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Old School Politics And The New Right

They are not Republicans or, if so, claim the moniker in name only. Many of them are still registered that way in states where party registration is a requirement to vote in the primary election, but no party owns their heart. 425 more words

Michelle Malkin


UN Arms Inspector Scott Ritter Busted In Kiddie-Porn Sting!

A few days ago I found myself coming to the defense of Michael Steele who was dubious about GOP chances to regain control of congress. 508 more words

The Wrong Right Turn

A GOP Turncoat Bites the Dust

Is it just me or is Washington getting more like bad television every week? Watching Steve Schmidt last night on 60 Minutes, I thought for a moment I’d tuned onto a spinoff of West Wing: “The Dumb Republican Who Didn’t Get His Candidate to the West Wing.” 416 more words

Sarah Palin

Predictions For 2010


Sarah Palin will debut a television and possibly a radio talk show in the spring of 2010. This is going out on a limb, but I predict that MSNBC will float a seven-figure offer, in order to both boost its ratings and neutralize her as a potential nominee in 2012. 871 more words

Sarah Palin

A Day to Remember

Ominous clouds loomed over America on our first official Thanksgiving; the bitter winds of war had chilled Abraham Lincoln to the bone. He neither instigated nor wanted that war, yet from the moment he stepped onto the train in Springfield two years earlier, he knew it would define his presidency, if not his life. 566 more words


Freak & Dud Aside

Okay, this article will be boring. Finance is dry stuff, but you should read every last word of it, because it might save you from financial oblivion. 573 more words