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© By Abraham Lincoln

My mother was from Summers County, West Virginia. She was born in a cabin on a mountain where everything was done by hand. 361 more words

The Way It Was

Blue Laws

© By Abraham Lincoln

When I was growing up the first day of the week, Sunday, was going to church day. Some of my friends went to church every Sunday. 380 more words

The Way It Was

Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky

Basic Training at Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky in 1953.

I remember basic training as 8 weeks of hell. I had never been so physically spent until I did basic training. 463 more words

The Way It Was

America Without God

This past January I turned seventy years old and as I look back on my life I have come to realize how much America has changed and not for the good either. 909 more words



I used to spend hours, days, weeks, months, even years working on drawings of things that interested me. This cartoon of a scribal monk is actually accurate in every detail, including bare feet. 148 more words

The Way It Was


These fossils are millions of years old and are in a wall in my back yard. I dug the slabs of stone from a creek bed and piled the slabs of stone in the trunk of my cat. 67 more words

The Way It Was

Getting on television

Booklet I Wrote for TV

From TV Series I Hosted

Videos I Did for TV

I can remember when a lady, Meg Cox, called me by phone and began asking questions about what I did to become as famous as I had become. 358 more words

The Way It Was