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The romantic lore of the history of the railroads has within it the “clickety-clack” sound produced as the steel wheels of railroad cars roll over the rail joints and this sound is widely associated by people to railroads. 462 more words


Women on the Home Front

Wanda Sramek was a sewing machine operator in Beacon, NY during WWII. She remembers how the women pulled together during these hard times.

The Way It Was

Roosevelt's Donkey

John Clay remembers one of his encounters with President Roosevelt as a child. FDR had a donkey, and one day he offered Mr. Clay a ride.

The Way It Was

Clams and Snails

From the Hudson River Maritime Museum Archive: Everett Nack lists and discusses the species of clams and snails that have declined in population in the Hudson River.

The Way It Was

The Kimball Name

Imagine Kathleen Kimball Wurster’s delight when as a young girl she could walk down the streets of Newburgh and see her families name!

The Way It Was

No "N's" Allowed

From Somers Historical Society: The niece of the first African-American Harley-Davidson dealer in the U.S. recounts how her uncle, William Johnson, got into the business.

The Way It Was

Downstairs at Mohonk

What was it like to work at the historic Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY a century ago? Listen to Majorie Cross’s story and find out!

The Way It Was