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New Awnings

The new awnings are up and they sure do cut down on the amount of sunshine that pours in through that bay window. The plumber was here all day yesterday and finished his work on installing a new toilet in the utility room and fixing the faucet in the bathroom. 67 more words

The Way It Was

Lilly of the Valley

The Lilly of the Valley bloomed yesterday and look especially nice today. The trees all leafed out yesterday and this morning. Even my white oak tree is in full leaf now. 16 more words

The Way It Was

The "Entitlement Generation" by Amanda Goodman

I came across this and had to share it. Short, sweet, to the point. Accurate.

The “Entitlement Generation”

“If your parents had to use a wooden spoon on you, then they clearly didn’t know how to parent you.”

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Iwo Jima

By Abraham Lincoln

I felt immortal back then. I was mired in black volcanic sand on the beach at
Iwo Jima. Scrambling up that slope was as impossible when I had to do it as… 336 more words

The Way It Was

Sleep Apnea Test

By Abraham Lincoln

When I was wired for my sleep apnea sleep test. I had 24 wires stuck on my body–under my nose, under my chin, on my temples, behind both ears, on my head in my hair–in front and in back; on my chest, plus two wires on each leg taped on my shins. 505 more words

The Way It Was


Access to the vast reservoir of information available via the Inter-net is one of the circumstances of my life that has made fulfillment of my interest in railroad history possible. 668 more words