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Sometimes I takes a break from the shop, venture out into the sunlight, and see what is going on at OERM. Saturday was no different. I had spent an hour in the machine shop making a drill guide for Phil. 157 more words


April 15th 2015

It is 46º here where we live. The sun is up there behind a cloudy sky but it isn’t doing much to warm us up. It might feel good if the furnace came on.

The Way It Was

Two thousand ten

Seems like a long time ago–5 years to be exact. Today is April 14, 2015–the day before Tax Date.

The Way It Was

Human Race History

Human skeletal remains were found in gold-bearing gravels of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Table Mountain ins Toulumne County has yielded radiometric dates of 9 million years, while the prevolcanic auriferous gravels just above the bedrock had yielded dates of 33 — 35 million years. 128 more words

The Way It Was

Memories—The Last Passenger Train

Most of my memories are about life in Gordon, Ohio. I lived on a street right beside the railroad track. The train had to blow its whistle before it crossed State Route 722 so we always heard it each day except on weekends when it didn’t run. 506 more words

The Way It Was


Pat has the Shingles and today is the third day. She said her skin feels sore and it is like something is being jabbed into it. 20 more words

The Way It Was

but hey

belting out The Way It Was
knowing it won’t ever be like that
but hey
maybe if only for a little moment
i can feel like im valid again… 51 more words