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It's snow joke...

After basking in India this time last week I’ve gone from one extreme to the other – and back again! Before I left the weather was so cold that I was cycle training in sub-zero temperatures and freezing my bits off. 251 more words


Day 724, To stay in or to stay out.

The weather is sometimes against you

The snow comes in straight or the rain just falls down.

Its nature telling you to stay home.

To enjoy the weather outside from the inside.


the real dream

I dreamed of being in love with an airline pilot. I was younger than I am now. She was tall and full of life. Her father, a short man who had flown jet fighters in the Falklands, came out against the affair. 151 more words

Things To Avoid In Popular Fiction

Beast from the East

This Spring we are in the middle of the Winter. In Denmark, Spring starts on March 1. Or so they say. While in the US we always followed the astronomical calendar and celebrated the first day of Spring on March 20, here, I am told, we follow the meteorological calendar. 232 more words


The Delight Of Snow

The churchyard is shrouded in snow.
Trees stand stark against the white.
I know
The delight
Of snow


The holiday season and beyond

Yes….I know this is super late. I can only apologise. I started writing this at the beginning of October. And it had already been a few months since my last blog post then! 1,348 more words