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The NSA Is Putting Us All at Risk to be Hacked

Bruce Schneier, author of Data and Goliath, writes for Vox:

The National Security Agency is lying to us. We know that because of data stolen from an NSA server was dumped on the internet. 165 more words


Before Coffee: 21st Century Neanderthal

The World Wide Web turns 25 today. Which means I was 24 when it opened its virtual doors to the public in 1991. (It actually took a few more years for it to become truly public, i.e., used by more than a few dozen CERN folk, but… 226 more words

Before Coffee

Web of Humanity

6 August 1991 – the date that brought you here!  25 years ago this week, Tim Berners-Lee published the first web page.  What started at CERN as a way to store information, has become, well, a web of humanity. 38 more words


Reality is just an illusion.

All’s that’s conceptualized & all that’s named is but one thought from the One 4 reality is nothing but thought ! 116 more words


BBC to Deploy Detection Vans to Snoop on Internet Users

Patrick Foster reports for The Telegraph:

The BBC is to spy on internet users in their homes by deploying a new generation of Wi-Fi detection vans to identify those illicitly watching its programmes online. 145 more words


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The Web

Facebook Anyone???

Image credit http://www.profitconfidential.com

As time progresses, I seriously am starting to remove Facebook out of my life. What???? Hey there, it’s not as positive as it use to be. 440 more words

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