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In a Twitter posting the evening of March 21st, President Trump said,

Here’s my reply.

Since the Russians help you win the Elections2016, I can see why you think this. 113 more words


Why I Remain on Facebook

I thought about it as well, weighing the security breaches against staying in touch with people, and concluded that whatever I am worried that someone would get has already happened. 143 more words


The electronic frontier is closed

With the death of John Perry Barlow, it is time to start writing the history of the open web.

Usually, historians are poor analysts of current events, and poor predictors of the future. 666 more words

The Web

Google Search for Visual Learners

If you’re a visual learner, Google’s, “Images” search can be a fantastic tool. Particularly if you’re looking to define something of a concept that doesn’t fit into a single word. 127 more words

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Social Media

I have been on Facebook for over 10 years. In looking at that decade on Facebook, it is hard to know how to evaluate it. Some parts of it have been fun and meaningful while other parts of it have been a complete and total shit-show. 539 more words

How Facebook "Copy-and-Paste" Messages Are Scamming You

Recently a number of Facebook users started copy and pasting a post about how Facebook’s algorithm was unfairly treating their timeline, and how to “trick” it. 538 more words

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Ed Cormany recently shared a link to a step-by-step tutorial for the Apple-owned Workflow app.

Not only was Ed interested in the existence of such tutorials at all but when I saw what the specific editorial was about I perked up; as a (happy) Apple Music subscriber I would definitely be interested in learning how to get quicker access, especially if the instructions are written out in what is likely an easily consumable manner. 196 more words