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Warning That 'Dark Ads' Misleading Voters Are Bigger Threat Than Fake News

Freddy Mayhew reports for Press Gazette:

Political advertising that is only seen by its intended recipients is a greater cause for concern than “fake news” in the spread of misinformation, according to the director for a leading fact-checking charity in the UK. 68 more words

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Wikipedia Founder Launches 'Community-Driven' News Service

Press Gazette reports:

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is launching a crowd-funded news service where supporters can pay for a say in the topics being covered. 83 more words


Autistic hacker goes to jail - A colossal waste of talent and cash?

BBC News – Teenage cyber hacker Adam Mudd jailed for global attacks https://t.co/56JGhro0Ln should be hired as a gov spy… prob 10x smarter

— Earthpages.org (@earthpages) …

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Obamacare's More Popular Than Ever

I missed an Ezra Klein piece on how the GOP has utterly played itself on Obamacare last week. Post-AHCA, the law is unsurprisingly more popular than ever, and significantly more popular (55% approval) than the GOP (40%), Trump (39%), Congress (34%), Paul Ryan (29%) and, of course, the AHCA on its deathbed (17%). 111 more words

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Chicago's Changing Colors

Whet Moser on Chicago’s changing streetlights:

On Wednesday, City Council signed off on its $160 million plan to change the color of Chicago, replacing its 270,000 high-pressure sodium lights, which give the city its, um, distinctive orange glow, to LED.

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“While the road to hell is paved with good intentions, the road to lapel is paved with good merchandise.”

While I may be running behind on The Wicked + The Divine, I follow Gillen and McKelvie on various platforms so I don’t miss out on too much. 56 more words


Bees versus Wasps

Over the 2017 April Fool’s weekend, Reddit carried out an experiment. It created a blank canvas and allowed its users access to create a community artwork. 598 more words