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Child health near and far! The weekly round-up 09/11/15

A round-up of some of this week’s child health and social issues, both from the UK and around the world.

From around the world

Baby born with 2 heads in Bangladesh… 541 more words


A selection of the writing, wittering and viewing that has caught our attention over the past week.

We must apologise for our absence throughout much of October. 803 more words


The Weekly Round Up - The one with food, Batman, Acres + Avenues, selfie sticks, choice, cranberries and baseball.

It’s time for another edition of the Weekly Round Up!

  • Did you know it’s World Food Day? Me neither. To celebrate, maybe the Hubs and I will plan a trip to our favorite pizza joint — that is, if we can score a babysitter.
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Prairie Farmer

The Weekly Round-up (20/9/15)

Image of the Week: Schadenfreude


These stories we tell ourselves—whether it’s the ideological anti-communism that was used as the excuse for the murderous plunder in Indonesia , or the anti-terrorism that’s used as an excuse for policy in the Middle East—whatever the story is, no doubt the perpetrators, the architects of these policies sincerely believe these stories. 2,840 more words

The Weekly Round-up

The Weekly Round-up (13/9/15)

Image of the Week: An Ornamental Hermit, circa late 18th century


Gentrifiers focus on aesthetics, not people. Because people, to them, are aesthetics.

Proponents of gentrification will vouch for its benevolence by noting it “cleaned up the neighbourhood”. 2,046 more words

The Weekly Round-up

The Weekly Round-up (5/9/2015)

Image of the week: Just some kids enacting a macabre historical beheading. No big thang.


Capitalism is the celebration of the cultsans reve et sans merci . 1,102 more words

The Weekly Round-up

The Weekly Round-up (30/8/15)

Image of the Week: Gordon Parks’ photograph of Ingrid Bergman on location for the film Stromboli, in 1949. 


‘It’s a given that any commercial film claiming to be “based on a true story” is in some way exploiting a real-life event, perhaps to inspire, inform, or infuriate, but almost always to profit. 1,167 more words

The Weekly Round-up