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Something different: The Whip

The Whip by Karen Kondazian has patiently been waiting its turn on my bookshelf for ages now (yes, a paper book…I’m old-fashioned that way). 293 more words


PHFAT and Mikhaela Faye launch ‘The Whip’

SHOWING no intentions to slow down, PHFAT has released a brand new single, The Whip, a song which is both a classic PHFAT thumper and a completely new sonic adventure for musician who worked with the relatively unknown jazz musician, … 430 more words

Daily Draw: Mercury Rising and the Crowned Heart

Well, today’s reading is a near-repeat of last Thursday’s energy, meaning whatever we were working through then is still hanging around and needing our attention today. 165 more words


Gymnast Hits Nearly Perfect Score Using These Popular Dance Moves!

Sophina DeJesus’ from UCLA hits The Whip, The Nae Nae & The Dab all in the same routine and gets a near perfect score for her routine!

Full story HERE!



Daily Draw: II Priestess (The Pythia) and Five of Water (La Llorona)

So that’s three times in a week that La Llorona has made an appearance, and in this case, She is representing that which we mustn’t give in to. 99 more words


Daily Draw: Eight of Swords (Geirrod & Loki) and Strength (Nidhogg)

Today’s draw is about being stuck, but knowing how to get out of it … you just don’t want to do it. It’s an ugly situation all around, and you’ll have to break a few things to make good your escape, but you can fix those later. 69 more words