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As I glide down the memory lane,

Albeit the beaten ivory bane,

From everything I wasn’t,

To everything that I was,

From the chafed jaws of jaded destiny,

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The Whip

Flash 55 - the Whip ends, and Hawkman and the stolen statues

From the repeated prominence of Big Red on the Hawkman covers of Flash Comics, you’d think the bird was a much more important character in the series.  240 more words

DC Comics

Flash 32 - the Flash vs the Zipper, Johnny Thunder joins the navy, and the Whip swings into action

World War 2 makes its presence felt in a couple of the stories in Flash Comics 32 (Aug. 42), although not the cover-featured Flash tale. 416 more words

DC Comics

Flash 25 - the Whip in New York, and Hawkgirl gets shot

Hawkman’s new sidekick, Big Red, gets to share the cover of Flash Comics 25 (Jan. 42) with him.

For the lat few issues, the Whip has been in New York City.  266 more words

DC Comics

Bugs Bunny Knows How To Do The Whip!

What’s The Whip, you ask? Well, it’s a dance move that all the kids are doing these days!

You lift one leg up along with the opposite arm. 165 more words


coffee talk 7.28.15

Good morning! Grab your cup of coffee and join me for a chat, won’t you?

Did you watch the Bachelorette?

I’ll admit it – the dating show is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I get just as hooked on the dramatic rose ceremonies as I do the fun recaps I have with my co-workers the next day. 386 more words


Steph Curry's Daughter Has Been Challenged To A Dance Off By Leah Still

Riley Curry and Leah Still are two of the cutest, social-media-ready Sports Children in America, but they’re part of different worlds. Riley’s rise to fame coincided with her dad, Stephen Curry, leading his Golden State Warriors to the NBA championship. 180 more words