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The Whites (Price, writing as Brandt)

I love Richard Price’s work. I know he gets a lot of credit for his dialogue – and he should – but his ability to sketch out a world in just a few apparently easy and deft strokes – is just remarkable. 124 more words


The Whites

“‘Hey’, how’s it going,’ Billy said as he took a seat.
‘The meat’s so tough that it got up off the plate and beat the shit out of the coffee, which was too weak to defend itself.’ 217 more words


Review of The Whites by Richard Price Writing as Harry Brandt

Either you adore Richard Price, or you’ve never heard of him. I don’t know anyone who’s read any of his nine novels that isn’t a big fan. 602 more words


‘The Whites’ by Harry Brandt aka Richard Price – A Cop in New York City

The Whites’ by Harry Brandt aka Richard Price   (2015) – 333 pages     Grade: B+

Richard Price is the great urban novelist of the United States. Police procedural novels are usually not my favorite reads, but I make an exception for Richard Price.   505 more words

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Newsday - Review of The Whites by Richard Price

Early in the movie “The Blues Brothers,” Elwood tries to sell Jake on the duo’s new Bluesmobile, a used police car he picked up at auction to replace their old Cadillac. 61 more words


Colourful Friday. White.

I saw white tigers at Bristol Zoo in 1970. It was a school trip. I went on loads of school trips when at school in England. 341 more words


Keep on the Sunny Side

Here is a great song by The Whites.  Enjoy!