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1 Year...100 Films, #79: THE WILD BUNCH (1969)

Basic Premise of the Film: Older outlaws are trying to make one last go of that outlaw life. Find out their last heist was a set up, have to hide in foreign land and work their way back out of that life. 489 more words

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The Last Bordello-True Characters

Inspirations for the novel – true characters in The Last Bordello (San Antonio in 1901) Opposing forces or unified goals? 47 more words

Women's Rights

The Last Bordello

It’s done. Finished. Inches away from publication. Whew!

Madam Fannie Porter runs the best bordello in Texas. Just ask the outlaws she harbored and entertained for the weekend—Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch. 125 more words

The Sad, Sweet Poetry of Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

More people have heard the stories behind the making of Sam Peckinpah’s last Western, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, than have seen the film – or so it seems. 745 more words


The Wild Bunch

Empire “Masterpiece” #54 / Issue #225 / March, 2008  

“We’ve got to start thinking beyond our guns,” muses William Holden, not long after the bloodiest shoot-out 1969 audiences had ever seen. 1,210 more words


Cinema’s Greatest Scenes: #6 In Cold Blood

Every Friday I’m going to be highlighting and analysing some of cinema’s greatest scenes, or sequences depending on your definition. Some will be familiar, etched indelibly into the iconography of cinema, while others will be obscurer moments worthy of wider circulation and attention. 603 more words

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AFI #79 - The Wild Bunch

The Wild Bunch


Directed by Sam Peckinpah

Netflix says: Director Sam Peckinpah’s brilliant 1969 Western epic tells the story of a bunch of aging outlaws, led by Pike Bishop (William Holden), whose botched plans to pull of one last job forces them to collude with a crooked Mexican general (Emilio Fernandez)–leading to ugly bloodshed. 123 more words