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The Wild One

Ballad of the Trouble Kid.

I am the one that rises the hairs on the back of your neck and make you scratch your head in disbelieve, 185 more words

The Anti Hero

Chicken Burrito Thingies of Awesome

Yep, see me make up cool food titles.

This was the Saturday before Tycho’s awesome hainanese chicken. The Wild One had gone out and I had food to make… 189 more words


The Wild One by Danelle Harmon

Review: I loved this love story! Historical romances are one of my favorites (among many). I loved reading about Juliet and how brave she was to go somewhere she’s never been before to people she’s only heard about. 249 more words

Book Review

Guest Post: Janet Gover

Janet Gover

G’day and thanks for having me on the blog.

Most of my readers may not realise that I don’t write my books in English. 872 more words

2015 Releases

Apples, Oranges, and Biker Gangs

You probably about heard about that big biker gang shootout down in Waco, just as you probably heard about the riots in Baltimore, and in both cases you probably concluded they were unfortunate incidents caused by unsavory people. 973 more words


Waco Paints Us All With a Bad Brush

“Ever since Marlon Brando appeared in “The Wild One”, people in leather jackets scare the hell out of the rest of the populace.”

What is it about Waco, Texas, anyway?

218 more words

The Wild One (1953) - Defining Rebels in Movies

This movie solidifies the legacy of Marlon Brando as the first and best movie-screen rebel.  The Wild One really surprised me, because I have seen several Marlon Brando movies, and I didn’t expect such a different performance.   525 more words

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