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Disney's Forgotten Films : The Wild

There is just no denying it Disney has made some truly amazing films over the years. They have also made a lot of films – especially if you start including films that dont fit under the regular Walt Disney Pictures banner like Pixar, Disney Nature, Marvel, Disney Channel and most recently Lucas Film. 277 more words


Humbled By World Building

I am deep in the stages of world building for my next book.  As I have been creating this world where my characters are going to live and breath, the weather around my home has been breathtaking.  152 more words


Pell "LIMBO" Album Review


Written by  Amanda “Revolution” Lucas

Monday Morning:

This is the perfect wake up anthem. We all know how hard Monday mornings can be. 1,215 more words

Mississippi Art


If I could have but one wish granted, I’d wish that absolutely no animal in the universe could ever be domesticated or tamed.


When You Just Don't Want to Be Home

Sometimes you just don’t want to be home.  Sometimes the sun in shinning so bright and you just want to get out and enjoy the light.  432 more words


A Break in the Clouds

I know.  Posts two days in a row!  What is the world coming to?  But here I am with my little boy enjoying the beautiful world in a much needed break in the clouds.  190 more words


Flood Control

(Disclaimer:  I promise, I don’t always write about chickens.)

The clouds are low and have dumped rain on us for the second solid day.  It’s wonderful. 427 more words