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not all those who wander.

all that is gold does not glitter,
not all those who wander are lost […].
(“The Riddle of Strider”, JRR Tolkien)

seven individuals whom God displaced in history: Elijah, Father Avraham, Yosef who became a prototype of Messiah in his suffering, Yiftach, Rabbi Paul and, largely because his murderous temper condemned him to exile in Midyan, Moses. 756 more words

Kambani Ramano

new year, new word.

every year i pray/pick a new word to focus on for the year. as i have been thinking about this upcoming year and the goals i want to accomplish, one word has been coming up multiple times. 239 more words


Wasted Years

2016 was the worst, so the meme goes. So many deaths, so much political upheaval, so many things that just went wrong. My 2016 was not unlike any of the other 32 years of my life so far: good things happened, bad things happened, some great, some terrible. 2,301 more words


a year in review: twenty-three things i learned.

well. the rest of the world is reviewing 2016 (and hard-core hating on it, i might add) but i am looking back on it and am literally amazed at all that happened in 2016. 393 more words


He is one of the pride

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • This is not a circus act
  • Work with captive lions
  • The lions are his equals
  • They rarely take orders…
  • 281 more words

Finding Quiet Places To Pray

Whenever you pray it is important to first have a place picked out—a place where you will experience His presence and get a glimpse of heaven. 380 more words

Prayer A To Z Excerpts

Ezekiel 29:4

Proclamation Against Egypt

4 But I will put hooks in your jaws,
And cause the fish of your rivers to stick to your scales;
I will bring you up out of the midst of your rivers, 391 more words