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The Freezing and Thawing of the Churachandpur Agitation

Manipur: As the agitation in Manipur’s hill district crosses its 600th day and eight bodies still await burial, the protesters witnessed their struggle nearly reach a resolution this month, but then suddenly head back into a deadlock.


HBO Has Masterfully Cut New Trailers For 'The Wire', 'Deadwood' And 'Six Feet Under' And They Are Perfect

HBO has provided premium original programming for decades. The network has excelled in virtually every genre of the television realm that range from their hysterical comedies including Curb Your Enthusiasm and Da Ali G Show to informative documentaries. 734 more words

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“You happy now, bitch?”
-Buck Moreland, The Wire

It depends cause when I was in Venice with my cousin Marcos I ordered a drink called the Papaya King, and instead of just telling the waitress the name of the drink, I told her I’m ready to declare myself the Papaya King, and for the rest of the afternoon, that’s what she called me, and I drank a sweet kingdom. 546 more words


As If I Needed A Reason to Re-Watch 'The Wire,' HBO Gave Me One

Listen, I don’t need a reason to seal myself off from the world and spend a week or so re-watching all five seasons of The Wire… 455 more words


What the Indian Media Can Learn From the Global War on Fake News

New Delhi: With fake news proliferating on social media, journalists and news organisations in the US and Europe are collaborating to come up with a counter-strategy.


Sorting Through the Paper Trail of Fake Encounters in Manipur

Manipur: At the Supreme Court’s asking, a rights group in Manipur is sorting through files pertaining to over 1,528 victims of alleged extra-judicial killings to place before the judges. 17 more words