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Spotlight (USA, 2015)

Directed by: Tom McCarthy. I almost didn’t pick this one up because honestly, it looked like another Oscar-bait “tough” movie that’s actually fluff, another showcase for middle-aged white guys, a Hollywood Liberal moral crusader picture that aims at low-hanging fruit, and other cynical generalizations that came to mind. 572 more words

"The Night Of" Wants You to Look At Everything

By: Daniel Reynolds

It’s hard not to wonder how they do it. I’m thinking of all those people, stacked inside dark, airless looking rooms, sunlight coming in through only the highest of windows or not at all. 1,124 more words


Breaking Bad and The Wire: Characterisation vs Society

Chances are, if you have friends and have ever talked about television, then you have had Breaking Bad and/or The Wire recommended to you. If you’ve watched them, then you’ve probably been the one recommending them. 994 more words

Orange is the New Black Season 4: The Best Thing Since The Wire

“Hey, have you seen The Wire? No? It’s the best show ever.”

If you’ve ever debated the best shows on television, you’ve probably had some iteration of this conversation. 1,428 more words