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What To Expect From The Witcher 3... From The Witcher 1 and 2

Like probably a lot of people I’ve been preparing for The Witcher 3 by starting up the first two games (which I probably won’t be able to finish before the third game’s May 19th release). 933 more words


When And Where To Call "Downgrade" On New Games

I’ve been wanting to talk about The Witcher 3’s downgrade controversy for a while now, but since reviews are coming around and the retail game is in the hands of at least some people, I think we can make better analyses. 1,504 more words


The Witcher 2: My entry was not smooth

Oh, man, where do I start? The Witcher 3 is out soon and I’ve been wanting to play the second installment before Wild Hunt releases. I decided to do so last night.  657 more words


How Big Should the Final Battle Be?

Spoilers for the end of the Witcher 2, mild spoilers for the end of Mass Effect 2 and The Last of Us, general discussion of DAI and Life is Strange, Episode 2… 2,446 more words

The Geekend 3.22.15

It’s another busy weekend for the Geekiverse writers, but it wouldn’t be a weekend without some game time! 438 more words


Rumors, Romance and Getting Your Ass Kicked: Ah, Games!

Note: minor DAI spoilers, some discussion of the Witcher 2


Played some, but nothing huge. More Emprise. Found the Tower of Bone, and liberated it, and now I’m plowing out a quarry and saving dudes. 1,940 more words

Reading and Equipping and Looting


Not new, but:




Ha! True. We’re just trying to get to the sex cutscene later!


But it’s a rare sword! (I’ve so done that). 1,485 more words