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We’re Not on Wall Street Anymore

A version of this was published in Washington Square News on April 14, 2016.

What do you get when you merge the precision of mathematics with the ambiguity of images? 485 more words

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

“The planet of the imagination is as old as we are.”

A writer may find that having a particular way with words is somewhat valuable to the craft, potentially essential, undeniably rare, exhilaratingly natural.

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Sean Connery

Beware of the wolf (of Wall Street)

The story

Recent investment narrative is dominated by dark stories like 2008 Lehman Brothers collapse. Names like Bernie Madoff and Jerome Kerviel sound familiar to most of us while… 3,174 more words

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Film Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street has to be one of my favourite films. One, there’s no possible way you can get bored of watching the film as there’s just drama after hilarious drama. 345 more words


What Did You Do This Weekend? Watch A Movie, Go Shopping, Or?

We planned to watch The Wolf of Wall Street, but as we finished our computer work, the TV station we had on happened to show Sleepless in Seattle. 219 more words


Dall’intercettazione di Federica Guidi su Renzi “Si può attaccare al c...” a “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013) di Martin Scorsese: ancora sul linguaggio digitale.

di Rina Brundu. Di questo paese colpisce soprattutto il substrato culturale perbenistico sovente trasudante di buoni sentimenti cattolici opinabili. Un perbenismo che si manifesta in molti modi e che se è tratto comprensibile negli individui che vivono dinamiche quotidiane mai privilegiate, diventa elemento fastidioso e indisponente quando si propone in contesti che si autodefiniscono mentalmente “liberati”.
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Leonardo DiCaprio's Birthday Party Was 'Pure Debauchery,' Pure Leo

Red Granite Pictures, the production company behind Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award-nominated The Wolf of Wall Street, is in some potential, to use a legal term, brouhaha. 250 more words