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'Wolf Of Wall Street' Financiers Sue Hackers As Malaysian Corruption Scandal Widens

The money men behind The Wolf Of Wall Street and Dumb And Dumber To seem to have been besieged by a high-tech version of notorious crank callers the Jerky Boys as political turmoil swirls in Malaysia. 443 more words


The Wolf Of WallStreet

Leo DiCaprio, impressive as always :D This is my absolute favorite comedy! From start to finish I was cracking up! Awesome cast, totally hilarious if you don’t mind all of the profanity.

Book Review Round-Up: 'The Wolf of Wall Street', 'Cujo' and 'The Secret Scripture'


This article may contain spoilers for the novels: The Wolf of the Wall Street by Jordan Belfort, Cujo by Stephen King and  1,700 more words

Book Reviews

The Wolf of Wall Street - "How the law treats the rogue trader - and the beauty in how pertinent it is in 2014..."

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The Wolf of Wall Street (Dir. Martin Scorsese/2014)


In 1987, Gordon Gekko prided himself on the term “Greed is Good”. 145 more words

Bitesize Review

My first video about Leonardo DiCaprio

I decided to learn English in 1997 when I found out that the young and charming Leonardo DiCaprio was American. It caused me a kind of shock: I was 13 and for me was hard to digest that a boy with Italian name and surname was not Italian! 117 more words


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Wall Street

Director: Oliver Stone


“In an age of bombast, where the money men of the world’s financial sectors were the rising stars of a new form of capitalism, Oliver Stone was perfectly suited to direct a story about the rot at the core of a very big apple.” (744, Ian Hayden Smith, … 679 more words

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