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I love Republicans

cruz blames democrats for majority of crime

No way was he meaning people of color. No seriously. By the way working in those communities they dont vote and so are not democrats your genius-ship. 44 more words


Afternoon Bulletin: Jury Trouble for Silver Trial, Salt Warnings and More

A second juror has requested to be taken off of Sheldon Silver’s high profile court case, telling the judge that “I, juror # 11, no longer wish to participate as a juror on this case. 414 more words

Coming in at a tick under three hours, The Wolf of Wall Street is a long movie. One of my oft repeated mantras is: “A great three hour film feels shorter than a bad ninety minute movie.” Is The Wolf of Wall Street a great film? 632 more words


Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin, Ed Harris, and Kevin Spacey all in one movie, each with significant time in front of the camera. Who steals the show? 970 more words


Top 25 Best Movie Trailers (1990-2015): Nos. 5-1

Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at the best of the best of my personal favorite movie trailers of the past 25 years and that means the top five! 345 more words


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