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Mr Legowski's 8xEn1 The Woman in Black homework - due Friday 6 March

How does The Woman in Black by Susan Hill resemble a Victorian ghost story?

Research famous Victorian ghost stories and their common features, or ingredients and then explain how Susan Hill’s 1983 ghost story is similar to some of those written in the 19th century (the 1800s). 10 more words

Teignmouth Community School

The Woman in Black: Fortune Theatre Stage Show Review

This wonderfully chilling adaptation of Hill’s creepy classic keeps viewers chilled and enthralled the whole way through. The experience truly begins with the theatre itself. Relatively small in comparison to others, its old décor adds something to the atmosphere, almost like being in the Victorian times as you head to watch the performance. 429 more words


The Woman In Black 2 :Angel of death **REVIEW**

First time we visited Eel Marsh House was in the first movie and we saw a  Daniel Radcliff living in a house that no one wanted to talk about. 247 more words

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Six Books which I will be blogging about in March/ April:

Arsenic For Tea by Robin Stevens: a very new book which came out at the end of January. 235 more words


West End Thrills: Ghost Stories

Lest you think me narrow minded for relying solely on films to get my horror kicks, I thought I would share with you a recent theatre-going experience I had in London’s West End. 510 more words

The Woman in Black - AQA Literature Past Papers

Please find below all of The Woman in Black questions from the AQA Literature exam. As you can see, the questions focus on a range of topics, including themes, characterisation, setting, structure and narrative perspective. 1,451 more words

Year 11

Wicked Watches: The Woman in Black

Welcome to Wicked Watches! In this segment, your beloved team here at Something Wicked will pick a movie or TV series every week to review. 242 more words