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Transript of Me Doing My English Assignment

I was sitting at my computer and thinking “I’m actually home- I should write a blog post!” but in true Murphy’s Law fashion, the one time I am home I can’t think of anything to write! 828 more words


#TheWomanInBlack - A Horror review

I know, I know, the movie came out a few years ago, but come on..  but I finally saw it! So, a horror movie based off of a book, and not a Stephen King-one? 698 more words


The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black, currently playing at the Fortune Theatre in London’s West End, is celebrating 25 years of being an active show. It owes its success to its ability to capture the audience’s attention with a solicitor’s tragic and thrilling tale of time spent inhabiting the isolated Eel Marsh House of the late Mrs. 383 more words

Spring Break: Pitt Arts In London 2015

Review: The Woman In Black by Susan HillI

Title: The Woman In Black

Author: Susan Hill

Published: 1989

Star Rating: 4.5/5

When Junior Solicitor: Arthur Kipps is summoned to attend the funeral of the recently deceased Alice Drablow, and deal with her old papers and financial business, little does he imagine the secrets that entangle Eel Marsh House, and the shadow that overcasts it, in village conversation. 293 more words


The Woman in Black: Angel of Death (2015) - Người đàn bà hận thù mù quáng

Bộ phim kinh dị, rùng rợn này là phần tiếp theo của bộ phim cùng tên được chiếu vào năm 2012. Nhưng nguyên bản được bà Susan Hill viết vào năm 1987, sau đó dựng thành phim truyền hình cùng năm đó. 1,187 more words


Horns: At Least It Started Out Promising

I was looking forward to watching this movie (directed by Alexandre Aja). I mean, it had an intriguing trailer and Daniel Radcliffe. Of course I wanted to watch it. 681 more words