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The Word of The LORD/ Firman TUHAN

Day 11 The Word of The LORD

LORD, YOUR Word sound sharper when i walk in the wilderness of life. For YOUR Word is hone, admonish and educate me. 57 more words

2017 The Year Of New Heights

The Glory Is Rising.

The Glory Is Rising.

The Word of the Lord for you has not fallen to the ground.
Your calling of the Lord has not fallen to the ground, either. 154 more words

Are You Prepared For Your Toughest Battle?

Two armies face each other for battle. One army has guns. The other army has tanks and bombs. Which army is going to win?

We are in a battle. 300 more words


Build Yourself Up.

Build Yourself Up.

Hasn’t God chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith, and to be heirs of the Kingdom that is promised to those who love Him? 373 more words

Stand Upright.

Stand Upright.

God is preparing those who are called into the new realms in the Spirit. He has called you by name and has been revealing the Word of the Lord to you in rapid flow. 519 more words

It's Time To Begin.

It’s Time To Begin.

The Lord said to me: “Begin to write.” If I begin to write as He told me, then there must really be a new beginning. 469 more words

Freedom In The Truth.

There is tremendous freedom in the Truth. First of all Jesus Said. “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. And no one comes to the Father but by Me. 367 more words