W.P Weekly Photo : Focus


“Simplicity is ultimately a matter of focus.”

Ann Voskamp

“Focusing on being perfect can also blur your vision.”                                       Teresa Asman 


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The World As I See It

​How did I end up at University?

After reading fellow blogger, Jordan’s post a little while back about his journey to University, it got me thinking…

How did I actually end up going to Uni? 221 more words

The World As I See It

PRIME ( a poem)

Each wrinkle on the back of my hand, is my boulevard of time,

A well traveled map, that goes back to the beginning of my prime. 97 more words

The World As I See It

Let's get social: what to do and where to go!

SU Bar

The SU Bar is the Holy Grail of student life here. I feel like, in some way, it is the heart of the uni. 307 more words

Life Hacks

W.P.Challenge: Order

Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever “order” is being sought. It always defeats “order”, because it is better  “organized”!    

Terry Pratchett

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The World As I See It

Brexit: What I Think About It and What It Means for Students at Essex

Brexit, it’s the Marmite of the politics world. You either love it or hate it, there’s no in between. Unlike Marmite, however, you can’t just decide not to buy it and pretend it doesn’t exist. 416 more words

The World As I See It