Thank You Everyone!

It’s taken me 2.25 yrs to finally get up to 201 Followers!! Thanks Everyone! Couldn’t of done it without you!!

Ladybuggz! (except I’m blonde!) lol….

The World As I See It

Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge: #2 Narrow

Got to stretch

I must take a taste of this perch!

Camera Hog!

These 2 little guys ( top guy with purple neck is a male Anna’s Hummingbird, the other is a male Rufus) are yearly visitors to my covered front porch! 55 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Details #3

I’ve published this photo before but I think it fits perfectly into the “Details” heading.

Beat Up and Tattered

This Dragonfly probably still has a lengthy journey ahead! 184 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge