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Recovery and Red Stone Radiation, Part 1...

Tuesday. 2:23 pm.

Today is beautiful. The Colorado sun is blazing, a crisp wind is howling and the air is bristling with vitality. I am happy, happily healthy and by all possible measures ecstatically cancer-free! 1,922 more words


Sell the Elliott already | Editorials/Op-Eds

The State Land Board’s decision earlier this week to take another step toward selling the Elliott State Forest is an example of how a perfectly logical business decision in any other arena becomes enmeshed in angst when dealt with in the political arena. 9 more words


Ballot measure jeopardizes Jordan Cove project

An upcoming measure on the May ballot, if passed, could halt the Jordan Cove and Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline project in its tracks.

The proposed initiative, Measure 6-162, which its petitioners call… 45 more words

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South Coast schools see improved graduation rates

North Bend School District calls its rating “deceiving”

Schools on the South Coast are seeing improved graduation rates.

The Oregon Department of Education released a report late last month showing that the state average jumped from 73.8 percent in 2014/15 to 74.8 last year, and most schools on the coast either met or exceeded that average. 11 more words

Dept. Of Education

The final 5%: Scientists have discovered the last element in the Earth's core

It’s generally well known that the innermost part of Earth is made mostly of iron (about 85%). Nickel accounts for about 10%. That last 5% however, has remained a bit of a mystery. 26 more words

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Vacationista: US Trip Day 17 (Costco again, New Year’s Eve)

Early the next morning, we woke up at around 645am to greet my brother-in-law at the finish line of his 2-day fun run.

He rewarded us by treating us to some Starbuck’s coffee and breakfast at Chick-fil-A where my cousin and I shared an egg and cheese muffin with potato tots. 332 more words

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In order to have your complaints listened to in this world you couldn’t have that much to really complain about.

Michelle Tea, Black Wave

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