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Why do I Study What I Study? (written 16 December, 2016)

The answer is simple, and is more than the cliché answers: a God given love/desire. I love it, it’s what I’m good at, etc. I study what I study simply because people have a lack of awareness to what’s going on, especially in their own country, in other countries, internationally, and around the world. 517 more words

Samantha Grannum of Royal Pavilion and Lil Rick

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SAMANTHA GRANNUM — Naked, this **** was lil Rick’s side piece a ways back.   She would bring him into the hotel on a night and **** him in vacant guest rooms or wherever she could. 153 more words


Tyrone Griffith, acting Commissioner of Police, Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — TYRONE GRIFFITH — Does your acting commissioner of police have a cocaine and gambling problem?   And what’s the cause of his HUGE chin meridian?  Naked Departure


Nikita Belgrave-Etherington

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — NIKITA BELGRAVE — Naked, I come here to tell wanna bout this deadly deceitful sl***t name NIKITA BELGRAVE or ETHERINGTON whatever she want people call she, cause she marry and still want people address she by her birth name and not marriage name.   403 more words


Nature Don't Do Straight...

But she’ll help to make the made look amazing!As long as you make the made interesting!

Same bridge, same sun, different photons!

Manual 365

Peter Harris and his Political Bribes

BARBADOS/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — OWEN ARTHUR and PETER HARRIS — Naked when Owen Arthur got married to his last wife Julie on August 12, 2006, Peter Harris went around bragging that his restaurant, Josef’s, catered the wedding FOR FREE.   364 more words


President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump

WASHINGTON, DC (Naked Departure) — PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP — President Trump was his usual self.  At no time, except for abbreviations in his speech (he practiced well), did he deviate from his signature self.   246 more words