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Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico: Doorway to the Universe

One of my must-see places when I visited Puerto Rico was the jaw-dropping Arecibo Observatory, the largest single-dish radio telescope in the World.

A staggering 1000 feet in diameter, the enormous dish of the telescope is quite literally built into the mouth of a sink hole in Puerto Rico’s central mountains. 208 more words


Seize Every Opportunity

We all have/have had/ are going to have parents at some point during our lives. They conceive us, feed us, water us, dress us, potty train us. 336 more words

Carpe Diem


The universe above me

The ocean beneath me

Things which can crush, confound, and consume me

But I trust my wings

And blow a kiss to the clouds; 9 more words


The World As You Have Known It, Has Never Existed

The World As You Have Known It Has Never Existed, has great meaning for my life. These words of wisdom were written down on a piece of brown paper bag and given to me by one of my life’s highest, most enlightened teachers, at the age of sixteen. 471 more words


The Black Greeks.

If you are like me, a socialist in the United States witnessing the deadly effects of a neoliberal austerity that no politician has ever dared to challenge, you are watching the situation unfolding in Greece with great interest. 1,226 more words


In a fancy room, removed from the prying eyes of the general public, debate has taken place. All members of the conversation emerged. Each one went to his expected place. 218 more words



Fifteen years ago, the United Nations decided to mark the new millennium with a series of targets aimed at improving the lives of the world’s poorest people.   144 more words