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Chapter 13 complete!

I just clicked “Save” on the final scene in Ch13. Phew! It’s been… not tough but, a lot of work. Lots of back-tracking. This chapter took me two months to write. 80 more words

The Worm

The Worm

Author: Unknown

There is a wonderful little story about two monks who lived together in a monastery for many years; they were great friends. 350 more words

Thoughts Of Others

Chapter 12 finished, and the rest of the project plotted (like a proper writer)

It’s been a bit of a battle but Ch12 is done! For me, the most distinctive part of this part of the writer’s journey, was the process of plotting. 454 more words

A History of Flight and next things

Thanks to Phoebe the Wonder-Editor, “A History of Flight” has now gone from 2nd draft to 3rd and final stage. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this story is developed from a play I wrote 2 years ago. 311 more words

Chapter 11 Completed

I finished Chapter 11 of The Worm last night. This feels significant to me because it was difficult to get back into the novel after returning from Sweden. 392 more words

Olive Haigh / Annie E.E.L / The Worm

Old Bakery Studios, Truro 18/11/17
An amazing evening is guaranteed at this fabulously cool and cosy vibed venue. The forty or so souls were not disappointed. 463 more words

Gig Review

Guys In Black Character Questline: Worming Their Way Out

What on Earth are THOSE Things? WHOA!!! They talk too???!! AND SMOKE??!!

The New MIB Guys In Black Event has hit our Quahog. With it comes lots of New Tasks, Questlines, Characters, Etc. 240 more words

Family Guy Addicts The Quest For Stuff