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Chapter 9 complete.

I don’t have an illustration to accompany this post. I Google-image-searched pictures of vacant-eyed, 19th century female circus animal trainers, but there was nothing satisfactory. For some reason I looked through… 296 more words

Three One Act Plays now also in traditional book format

The title says it all really. I’m not sure anyone will want to own a book of my first three one-act plays, but now they can. 118 more words

Chapter 8 completed: The Monster is born

42,512 words. Past the halfway mark. I’ve now been working on this novel for a year. I remember the incredibly unprepared state of mind I was in when I commenced. 226 more words

The Electric Fence completed

Today I finished a new short story I’ve been writing over the past couple of weeks: ‘The Electric Fence’. This will be my submission to this year’s Elizabeth Jolley prize. 237 more words

Happy new year! A new cover version recorded and chapter 7 completed

Among the hundreds of thousands of Facebook reflections on ending the year and starting a new one, Brian Eno has posted a few words that provide a perspective that I think is well worth reading, so… 460 more words

FAT49 #31 - Jul'Dor (the old one)

Ashen sand and blackened rubble greeted those that entered the ancient capital. Colour had been singed away leaving only parched grey and scorched black on the ruined buildings that lay in mounds of debris. 1,565 more words

Felix And The 49