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The Worm

A fable inspired by Ajahn Brahmavamso

Once upon a time two Buddhist monks lived together in a monastery for many years and were great friends. 418 more words


The worms are turning

Did a lot of sticker slapping and pasting in November, here’s a few of em..

Remembering the most controversial Spur in San Antonio history "The Worm"

The most colorful and also the most controversial player in the San Antonio Spurs history is without a doubt number 10 “The Worm” Dennis Rodman. Who can forget his neon colored hair the  tatoo’s or his many piercing that  gave the Spurs an edge in the 1990’s but besides all that the man could play some sold defense and brought a toughness to Spurs basketball that will always be remembered. 42 more words

Blog Post

Cougar Town

Denver is a small town. I see dudes I used to date out and about surprisingly frequently. Apparently, this happens to other people a lot, too. 1,383 more words

North Korea Peoples Minister of Big Hats Emergency Review

Update: Fight Breaking Out Over Fall Mauve or Taupe Colors

An elite group of exiles from North Korea gathered in September in the Netherlands to discuss the state of the regime they used to serve.

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Political Theater

"Ouroboros" -by Cliff Pyke


 As chaos, stabilization, and stagnation, cycle, through momentous circles of creation, birth, and evolution, time and existence –births concrete and abstract frictions, heat up, forming a nexus into which elemental possibilities spill into, grow, and then decay. 106 more words