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FAT49 #30 - Zhyy Iuta!

The commander ambled back into the tent glumly. “False alarm.” he grumbled.
“Commander, I’ve been meaning to ask: Why did the King order you to capture us?” asked expositionally useful E’ni. 1,035 more words


FAT49 #29 - The History of Jul

“Sand worm eyes can see through the thickest of sand clouds.” explained a young Djulok to a small group of intrigued E’ni. He pointed to his goggles proudly and puffed up his chest. 1,668 more words


New trending GIF on Giphy

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The China Bowl touchdown celebrations are absolutely electrifying

Thee CAFL is a professional arena football league in China, and every year they hold their championship game, the China Bowl. If these celebrations are any indication, I need to start watching the CAFL  82 more words


FAT49 #27 - Prison Break?

Zev the Unruly: The Master of Throwing Knives had been raised to be a princess of Nose Island. She left all that behind to become a master. 1,174 more words


Raffi "The Worm" Shirinian and Urban Blox

by Scott Zwartz

November 3, 2016


     Raffi Shirinian is a Los Angeles developer. He has various companies.  Perhaps his most noted one is Urban Blox or as some people call it Urban Pox as his projects are akin to a community getting smallpox.   769 more words

FAT49 #25 - Impostor Vibes

Jean stood silently by the flag pole.
“Jean!” Beardface called. “We’ve restrained them. Did you know Peter can spin webs? Astounding!”
She didn’t hear him. She took a step toward the flag pole and started untying the several scarves attached to it. 1,220 more words