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The Wrecking Crew - IFC Theater - Opens March 13

Music aficionados and musicians will enjoy this one. A wonderful film about the unsung heroes, the studio musicians also known as the Wrecking Crew, behind all the greatest hits from headliners like Nat “King” Cole, Frank Sinatra, The Byrds and The Beach Boys. More info.


Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Flicks to See in March

March is an odd month for studio movies — not quite summer yet, a little too early for blockbusters, but not the early-in-the-year burn-off period either. 1,040 more words


“F***ing Engineers”

Axton had just stepped past the short alley up the stairs from Marcus’s gun shop when he got jumped, by the grab of a hand around his collar that swung him against the wall. 6,243 more words

Borderlands Fan Fiction

Chapter 50: Flight

A slow-moving bank of clouds rolled past one of Sanctuary’s edges, its white dampness carved by a jagged thrust of metal and concrete. By Talon, too, who screed and soared around and under the floating city in happy freedom. 1,461 more words

Borderlands Fan Fiction

First Look: The Wrecking Crew

What the Funk Brothers did for Motown…The Wrecking Crew did, only bigger, for the West Coast Sound. Six years in a row in the 1960’s and early 1970’s, the Grammy for “Record of the Year” went to Wrecking Crew recordings. 161 more words


Independent Merchants – 2014-2015 – Wk. 24

The Wrecking Crew

  • (167) Mr. Pink-{166}-{171}-{161}=498 {166} -1
  • (159) Lenny-{172}-{173}-{158}=503 {167} +8
  • (162) Ruben-{190}-{214…
  • 133 more words

Chapter 49: Trouble Times Five

Gaffey directed Golem up the cargo ramp, where he clomped to the line of storage bins and set the phosphorous cannon to the floor with a dull but heavy klang, which was followed by Hell’s voice: 1,210 more words

Borderlands Fan Fiction