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We Learn By...Teaching?

One of the weird parts of writing is…well…when people seek you out for advice on writing. I mean, c’mon, I’m a sci-fi (and fantasy) writer — by definition, that means I‘m more than a little nuts. 714 more words

Writing Thoughts

Ahhh, Excess...

Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.”
—Oscar Wilde

Ahh, Oscar…thank you for those words!

I’d love to say I admire that line solely for its literary merits, but…well…I might as well have the damned thing tattooed on my forehead.

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That One Friend Of Yours

i don’t wanna come off crazy,

but she makes me feel funny,

like after all of her stories

realities punchline will hit ya’ll

right in the gut of your proposed friendship. 168 more words


To Poo

I have no words left to elaborate
The friendship that has made itself our own:
Love has seeped in and has maintained its faith,
Despite all the years that fly, and have flown. 85 more words

The Writer

Game of thrones

If I was sitting on the iron throne, I wouldn’t ask them to bring me your head. I would ask them to bring you alive so i could watch them pierce your heart before i twist the knife.


Can't relate

I told him that being a woman is an experience. Almost like sex. The pleasure comes with pain but the overall experience is a fucking high. 21 more words


The writer who doesn’t write

It has been quite sometime since I have spent any serious time writing. The last few years have been spent writing academic papers, but I have hardly spent any time writing fiction or even journaling for that matter. 474 more words

The Writer