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…I guess?

It could be construed as being a trifle cramped here, but we prefer the nomenclature of “snug”. Either way, you’re welcome to what space you can find here. 238 more words

Near 500 words: TW Goes Missing In Action

TW (aka The Writer) walked around the house, looking for the robin. It was nowhere to be found. It had lit out for parts unknown. Then he realized that there was no birds filling the spring morning with their song. 412 more words

Near 500 Words

The NPC Life: The Writer

Some days it is hard to get the words to form on the screen.  It happens to even the greatest writer remember Rome was not built in a day.  675 more words

Side Quests

Near 500 words: TW sees a robin

Now you might think that a robin would not make TW (aka The Writer) stop his writing. After all, he finally had several sentences. “It was the week after Mrs. 455 more words

Near 500 Words

Near 500 words: TW's Search For His Novel

Sunday morning, post-Cat-feeding and post-breakfast, TW (aka The Writer) was back at his computer. With Cat snuggled on his feet, he looked at the last thing he had written the night before. 529 more words

Near 500 Words

Near 500 words: TW gets married

TW (aka The Writer) met Sylvia at a party. When they saw each other, it was lust at first sight.

“Let’s get out of here,” she said, five minutes into their conversation. 502 more words

Near 500 Words

Near 500 Words: TW starts a novel

TW (aka The Writer) was a short story man. Over the years, he had written short stories. And not of one genre. There were science fictions, romances, mysteries, literaries. 678 more words

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