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Radio Silence; Headed Home

Apologies for the radio silence. It has been a good trip to Pensacola and I have plenty to report, but frankly, I haven’t slept well the entire week, so I’ve neither heard nor felt the presence of… 354 more words


A return to normalicy at last.

There is no way it’s already going to be October on Thursday!  I lost all of September to this move!

Well, we are at least moved in now, so I can go back to the normal level of crazy instead of the moving kind. 444 more words

The Writing Life


As I prep for the trip this weekend, I have to admit I’ve always been a bit of a white-knuckle flyer. It’s not so much the being airborne that makes me squeamish as it is sitting in business class or whatever they call it these days, in a smallish seat squeezed in with two other folks. 193 more words

Interesting & Odd

Qualitative Discomfort; Trip Prep

The work on the second chapter of Emmett’s story — known as the First Plot Point section — continues. This is a dense chapter, folks, mostly because we get to know Emmett through the significant others in his life, and, we get a glimpse at what it is that pushes Emmett along his chosen path in life. 304 more words


A Lesson in History

This weekend, I’m working on a small part of the second chapter of Emmett’s story, taking place in December, 1899. Emmett is coming home from college (West Florida Seminary) for Christmas. 496 more words