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Tweet/Work/Child/Writing Balance

I’m working on a new book and this one challenges me — as a person.  This book is a time slipgenerational women’s fiction tale.  Firstly, I am going back to my writing roots and working in my “natal” genre of women’s fiction.   941 more words

The Writing Life

What is a Public Apology?

Insofar as contrition is an act involving an injurer-agent and a being injured—insofar as it recognizes that wrongs are particular enactments needing discrete rectifying—the public apology exists only as a bait-and-switch, a broadcast that supplants the receding ‘guilty’ aspect of self with a bolstered, emergent, good-as-new one. 397 more words


The Writing Life- May 19 plus a pretty exciting announcement.

So, I had an aha moment this past week.  I realized that I’m doing a lot of good things to help set myself up as a full time writer.  768 more words

The Writing Life

The Writing Life, May 5

Much better week this week.  Home life is calming down, and my writing can go back to center stage.  I even get, gasp, a whole day to focus just on writing, at my favorite coffee shop.  436 more words

The Writing Life

The Journey of Bringing Novels to Life, Part 2

I wrote on this topic last summer shortly after I finished my novel Fury From Hell.  I thought I said it all in that piece.     359 more words

The Writing Life

The Writing Life- April 28

This week has been sort of rough, home life wise.  Lots of appointments, and sitting in waiting rooms.  Needless to say, I have not gotten as much done writing wise as I would have liked. 183 more words

The Writing Life


by Alice Winston Carney

Writing is like being in the pilot’s seat of my single engine airplane, trying to recover from a stall, the ground rushing faster and faster towards me. 652 more words

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