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A Study of Notoriety

In the early 1900s, if you got your name in the newspaper, it was a big deal. It indicated prominence in your community. If you think about it, the community news blurb columns were a sort-of equivalent to our Facebook. 1,028 more words


A Thanks, Lucia Perillo

It’d’ve been a shame for me to say anything but thank you, and even that I tried to pass by way of your man—Ted? Tod?—I’m sorry, I only heard his name by eavesdropping. 515 more words

The Writing Life

What I've Learned Blogging a Book (So Far)

It’s now been almost a year and a half since I started blogging my book on discernment.  Recently, I took a six-week hiatus from both this blog and that one so that I could finish the rough draft of the book. 723 more words


Interview with KB Inglee

Another interview this week – this time with KB Inglee, a fine writer, a fellow Sister in Crime, and a good friend. 

Why a writer? Certainly not for the fame and fortune…or maybe it is? 728 more words

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Journeys of Faith Help Us To See: in Life and in Film "Risen"

Even though my blog has had new  posts, I’ve a secret. The truth is that for the past two weeks I haven’t been online much. I wrote those entries… 775 more words

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Interview With Don Swaim

This week I have the pleasure of sharing my conversation with Don Swaim, author of The Assassination of Ambrose Bierce: A Love Story, Hippocampus Press, New York, 2016. 818 more words

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Traveling as a Writer: See with New Eyes

Traveling was never my cup of tea. I’m more of a “stay-at-home” kind of person. But my life as a Daughter of Saint Paul and communicator/writer/producer has called me to travel much more often that I would normally choose, whether it’s last year’s book tour to seven cities in North America, or this year’s trip to Rome for a congregational seminar to deepen our understanding of the Pauline spirituality. 379 more words

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