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What's Wrong With Me?

Hello Bloglandia!

This is a bit of a whiny post and severely lacking in my usual snarky humor, but I’ll try not take you too far into the dumps. 927 more words


More Underrated Horror Movies For Hot Late-Night Summer Chills

First of all a late happy Fourth of July, mine having been happy enough with a new CASKET GIRLS acceptance!  On Sunday night the publisher sent a contract, but it was for a new story, not a reprint — this is something that happens fairly often, actually, usually just needing a few words to be changed — but it meant I had to send back a request for a corrected copy.  311 more words


Indie Monday

Today’s guest: Jeffrey Schoenherr

With so many cancellations of in-person author events due to World War C, I’m devoting my blog to Indie Monday interviews for the coming months to help my fellow authors with promotion. 989 more words

The Writing Life


I woke up and grabbed my phone, as I usually do, from the nightstand. I quickly flipped through various apps, just checking to see if anything momentous happened overnight. 585 more words

Memoir Blog

A Mystical Take on Masks, Racism, & the 4th of July

As always, I have arrived at my family home in New Hampshire happily laden with books and full of dreams of writing. I intend to post here on Writing with Spirit more often, I’m working on a draft of my memoir, and I’ll begin a month-long online writing class next week. 511 more words

The Spiritual Life

A Peek Into My Brain

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The other morning, I had a nightmare. It was one of those Armageddon dreams. In it, I was in a city with a lot of big buildings, but they were old and run down. 390 more words

The Sidelines


In this world of yelling, chanting, sending messages, protesting… listen. Yes, in order to listen, there must be someone who is not listening. And in order to listen, it requires giving up ourselves. 422 more words

The Writing Life