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Jeb: The GOP's 'Adult'?


Does it seem strange to anyone besides me that Jeb Bush would go to one of the country’s most entrenched strongholds of liberalism to preview his “adult conversations” with Republicans? 452 more words


Dump Boehner Junta Fail

They didn’t pull it off, but Speaker John Boehner saw more opposition than expected today, in his bid for reelection to another two years.

Speculation began early as the momentum mounted and the Establishment began to nibble their nails. 513 more words


Ann Coulter Doubles Down on Heartless

A lot of conservatives have been upset by Ann Coulter‘s recent comments on the return of the Ebola-infected missionaries from Africa in recent weeks. 662 more words


SCOTUS: Koch Bros Money Spends Just Like SEIU Money

As a libertarian this doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, but apparently there is a consensus out there that some people are too rich and can, therefore, unfairly affect elections. 573 more words