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Zodiacs 3 : Elements of the Zodiacs

Astrology Zodiac Elements

The twelve astrology signs are grouped into four essential elements to which life would not be possible without. They are air, fire, water and earth. 2,159 more words


Zodiacs 2 : Ophiuchus

We all know that 13 is a very unlucky number.  The number 13 is considered in many circles as one of the cursed numbers and people tend to stay away from this number one way or another.  3,036 more words


Zodiacs 1 : About the Zodiacs

Hey! here I’ll be writing about the zodiac signs and compatibility and a general horoscope for 2016 at the end. The Zodiacs are actually constellations or belts of stars in the heavens. 1,949 more words


"Stay just 1:36 longer"

My recent post about Dave Somerville—among other things, lead singer with The Diamonds—reminded me that that group’s most enduring hit, “Little Darlin,’ ” was introduced, with far less success, by a different group. 411 more words