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NANCY PELOSI: Calls Out Donald Trump Over the Wall

After getting into a heated discussion Tuesday about a possible government shutdown over Donald Trump‘s proposed border wall, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi raised questions about Trump’s manliness and said the border wall is tied into his male ego. 192 more words

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The 1975-A Brief Inquiry to Online Relationships

The dream of emo is alive in The 1975.  No, they’re not a band that makes music rooted in the 80’s DC hardcore scene, rather in the vein of Morrissey or Rainer Maria, the band wants to appreciate the beauty of the world and the glee of youth, but can’t bring themselves too.  784 more words

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I am not qualified

I can just see you looking to the bottom of the page to see where it shows my qualifications. I have none, at least not in this area. 508 more words