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Something I should have told you when you were Fifteen.

I need my own space before the world can heal, I need to get from A-B sufficiently before the earth can hear exactly what I can do for it, I need belief from my family that I’m not in fact mad – I just remembered my past life looking into the eyes of my cat. 480 more words


The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, Cedar, 16 fl. oz. - 32 loads

We are absolute fanatics about the proper care for our beloved sweaters. Made from a combinatrion of cedar extracts and a concentrated shampoo base, this formula cleans and preserves the natural components of yarns. 72 more words

touch as the eye

rest before the mood

and moments of the hours

and seconds on the changing

and used on the inner soul

and better for the whole… 53 more words


kept as the learning

wise of the very so much

and its own serious

and those of the learning

and keeping

and when it was the said

and set from… 44 more words


reach on the other


and themes of the lasting

and used on the have

and longer

and when it  was the declare

and said on the sought

and when it  was the words… 40 more words


front of the back


and when it was the wonder

and feeling

and how it held

and caught on the nothing

and when it was the appearence

and sold on the  theme… 41 more words