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In Seeking Recognition... Remember

If a referee does his job correctly, he will go unnoticed.

Happy Friday,



Why I Don't use the Dish Washer | Avoiding Resistance and Pending Processes

The other day, my roommate and I got into a heated debate over dishes. I hand-wash my dishes. I did it when I lived alone, and I still do it now living with two other roommates. 609 more words


What I Learned In 2013

What I learned in 2013 (and my favorite shots from the past year)

Always sign a contract. Even if there is no money involved

“Approved” and “sent/processed” are 2 completely different things. 194 more words


Dream Chaser Syndrome: Understanding the Limitations of Your Personal Narrative

I often stop and ask myself, Am I really working as hard as I think?

Sure I’ve come a long way. Professionally, I’ve been published. I landed a job at a respected company. 506 more words


My Response To "Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a Scam"

I enjoy scrolling through Thought Catalog, perhaps searching for something to use as inspiration for my own writing, but mainly to keep my mind occupied. 872 more words


NINE/FIVE: 5 Things That Make More Sense After Starting A Full-Time Job

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1. Weekends

It’s the part of the movie where the villain has the innocent civilians cornered. 905 more words


Explosions and Onion Bins: Why Being A Pessimist is Sometimes Beneficial

I smelled a gas leak.

You know that smell. When someone at a house party leans against the gas knobs in the kitchen. Or the smell that follows the CLICK CLICK of the propane grill. 622 more words