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The Only thing 'Rotten' is in the Title

Disclaimer: All puns intended.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve written, blogged; whatever the kids are calling it these days.  A Bard in my own ‘write,’ if you ‘Will’ (see what I did there?), too often the minutia of being an adult stands in the way of the writing that I do simply for fun.   730 more words

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How Laura Benanti Totally Changed My Vision of Christ

In case you weren’t aware, that image of the long-haired, bearded Gentile that the Bible depicts as and whom you quite likely associate with the image of Jesus Christ is wrong. 1,280 more words

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The life within a Honolulu theater

Life within a Honolulu theater, or to be more specific, The Brad Powell theater of TAG, is like a Rocky road brownie. Nutty as squirrel poo, sweet, sticky, rich and intense. 567 more words


Happy Teachers Make Happy Classrooms

We are all face readers. Especially, when we are young students and thank god for that. Imagine if I didn’t know how to decipher the tightened lips, flaring nostrils, raised eyebrows and inflamed eyeballs; I’d be in a sea of trouble with all my teachers. 393 more words


I’m a Teacher not a Clown

Another Class Clown (VIDEO)

Teacher Jolly was such a clown, no really. Every time she made an entry into class, it was the beginning of a performance. 331 more words



I recently saw a show on PBS that drew me in for multiple episodes called “Broadway or Bust”.  (I couldn’t resist.  Once upon a time I fancied myself an actress and I have a degree in theatre from Barnard.   549 more words


In honor of Detroit 67’s opening at the Classical Theatre of Harlem tonight.. here is the review I wrote for Broadway Black: Published on March 11, 2013 (After it’s Opening at the Public Theater) 565 more words