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Faking a Piano

“I need you to make a piano”, said my lovely wife. At least it didn’t need to actually work, merely be something pretending to be a piano on stage. 532 more words



Written by LDS, Feb 2015

Tommy, Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide (26 Feb-1 Mar) 512 more words


Gob Squad: The Berlin Agenda Interview

Interview by Fridey Mickel, November 21st, Berlin 2014

Foreword by Otis Chatzistefanou and Fridey Mickel

Until tomorrow, Saturday, at HAU, English/German Berlin-based art collective / avant-garde performance ensemble / theatre troupe… 2,213 more words


NOWHERE (2009)

NOWHERE was created by Dimitris Papaioannou in 2009 to inaugurate the renovated Main Stage of the Greek National Theatre in Athens.

This central scene is dedicated to the memory of PINA BAUSCH. 151 more words


Art for background's sake

My wife runs a youth theatre group & I help out, giving advice to the kids on acting, editing backing tracks, developing sound effects, writing bits and bobs, etc. 304 more words


The Comedy of Errors (3 pints of beer, 3 glasses of red wine)

(Words by Chris Heasman and Kitkat MacAthley)

Right. First one of these. In case the premise hasn’t been entirely explained, basically, we’re gonna start reviewing stuff. 1,139 more words