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Theatre Calgary Stages Powerful Revival of Miller’s The Crucible

Widely considered a modern classic, Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is at once a compelling drama about the Salem witch trials and a striking allegory of McCarthyism, a practice born from the second Red Scare. 941 more words


Shaking off the demons in old Salem

Well before Blair Witch, the Wicked Witch, or Wicked’s Elphaba, there were the Salem witches of The Crucible.

They’re all different, but each of those wicked ones arose from the same place: our collective fears, (and maybe also our misogyny) and all the inventive ways humans find to transform negative emotions into evildoers in their midst. 767 more words


Theatre Calgary's The Crucible goes on a witch hunt

You can change the technology. You can vote out the government. Declare the latest bubble a new economy.

What you can’t do, it seems to R.H. 1,015 more words


What's it like to gouge out your eyeballs on stage?

Karl Sine is taking violence on Calgary stages to new heights.

The fight director extraordinaire, who often works with colleague Haysam Kadri on Shakespeare Company shows, puts his talents to work for Calgary audiences that — thanks to video games and movie wizardry — have come to expect increasingly sophisticated mayhem in their storytelling. 581 more words


The Shoplifters’ Canadian Premiere Fizzles

Theft, it’s a victimless crime, at least for veteran shoplifter Alma (Nora McLellan) it is. Because really, in the grand scheme of things, who’s going to miss two juicy cuts of steak? 658 more words


Shoplifters lighthearted look at crime and punishment

Alma (a wonderful Nora McLellan) has been through the drill so many times, she has to coach security goon Dom (Jeff Lillico), in his first day on the job, on the proper way to interrogate a shoplifting suspect. 609 more words


5 things to do this weekend in Calgary

The Shoplifters presented by Theatre Calgary at Max Bell Theatre, Arts Commons (Opening Friday, Sept. 4)

For its opening play of the season, Theatre Calgary has swiped its Scrooge, Stephen Hair, for The Shoplifters. 400 more words

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