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Theatre Review: King Lear and the art of letting go

It didn’t seem like such a bad idea back in Scene 1.

That’s when Lear (Benedict Campbell), the aging king of Britain, gathers his clan — three daughters and two sons-in-law — to divvy up the kingdom so that he might go about the gentle business of easing his way off the planet — “while we,” he announces, “unburdened, crawl towards death.” 855 more words


Five things to do this weekend in Calgary

King Lear at Theatre Calgary (Opening Friday, March 13)
Benedict Campbell comes to Theatre Calgary to play the mad king, which he tells Stephen Hunt that “because it has a huge range of stuff in it… I’ve felt everything has just been practice for.” It’s also a huge step up from one of the other times he played royalty, … 531 more words

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Benedict Campbell tackles dream role in King Lear

For actors, it’s all about the part.

Some parts are one line. Others — like Willy Loman, Blanche Dubois, Roy Cohn, or Undershaft in Major Barbara — ask an actor to bring everything they’ve got to it, and then a little bit more. 887 more words


Theatre Calgary Night With the Stars

Theatre Calgary’s Night with the Stars, the see-and-be-seen gala that celebrates the Academy Awards, had all the glitz and glamour one would expect on Oscar night. 369 more words


Canadian pop band Stars celebrate in the face of adversity

The number may be long-distance, but Torquil Campbell is in the same area code when he’s bothered on this beautiful, Thursday morning in Calgary — well in advance of his Montreal pop band Stars’ Tuesday MacEwan Hall show in the city. 1,048 more words


007 Things You Should Know About Night With the Stars

Every year, Theatre Calgary celebrates Oscar night with a celebration of the glitz, glamour and allure of Hollywood. This year’s event, which takes place Sunday at Telus Convention Centre, celebrates one of Hollywood’s most enduring characters: Bond. 509 more words


Philadelphia Story delivers a wedding weekend to remember

Before the Kardashians, there were the Lords.

They’re the fictional Philadelphia gentry at the heart of Theatre Calgary’s witty, and wonderful co-production (along with The Shaw Festival) of The Philadelphia Story, playwright Philip Barry’s love letter to Katharine Hepburn that was all the rage when it debuted on Broadway in 1938. 708 more words