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Edmonton's Citadel Theatre announces 2016-2017 season

At Edmonton’s largest playhouse, currently celebrating the big five-oh, you can look forward to a 2016-2017 season studded with big-cast populist shows — and the most topical and intense chamber drama in the modern repertoire. 915 more words


Letters for Tuesday, Jan. 26

A prince of a production

The Little Prince is an outstanding production — truly world class!

Thank you, Theatre Calgary, for bringing this memory of a lifetime to Calgary, and may it be seen throughout the world from here on. 615 more words


The Little Prince Fails to Stick The Landing

If any book should not be judged by its cover, it’s The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. At first glance, the novella appears to be a children’s story, an imaginative tale about a young boy who travels the stars. 688 more words

Theatre Reviews

Will the stars align for Theatre Calgary's landmark Little Prince?

Just because a book appeared on your high-school reading list, has been translated into 250 languages, is ranked among the world’s top-10 bestsellers and has an asteroid named after it, doesn’t mean you’ve read it, or even that you should. 1,219 more words


Louise Pitre 'captivated' by The Little Prince musical

One day during a break in rehearsals for the Theatre Calgary/Lamplighter Drama production of The Little Prince currently running in the Arts Commons’ Max Bell Theatre, Louise Pitre walked up and hugged director Dennis Garnhum. 473 more words


The theatrical journey of the Little Prince

It was an appropriately daunting challenge to kick-start a daunting project.

British composers James D. Reid and Nicholas Lloyd Webber had been toying with the idea of turning Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s beloved novella, The Little Prince, into a musical. 961 more words


Spin explores the birth of the bicycle era

Quick now. What connects Henry Ford, the granddaddy of the modern automobile assembly line, to Orville and Wilbur Wright, who gave us flight?

Turns out before they transformed 20th century human history, they cut their inventor teeth working in the bicycle industry at the tail end of the 19th. 932 more words