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Criticism Begins with Because

In a recent article in Exeunt magazine, three theatre critics engage in a long, and poignant discussion about the nature and role of criticality in the theatre and the world at large. 1,530 more words


The Separation of Art and Critic

Confession time: I am writing a play. I hope you come see it at the Fringe this summer.

        Now that that’s out of the way, I want to address a common misconception about theatre critics and criticism. 1,699 more words


The New Criticism (We are all Bloggers)

What’s a theatre critic good for anyway? Theatre Critics, and art critics more generally, are going extinct; at least in the form we have known them for a few centuries. 814 more words

Wes Babcock

Archive Book Review • ONE NIGHT STANDS pub. Nick Hern Books • Michael Billington • 2008

There are two great pleasures to be had from reading Michael Billington’s first collection of theatre criticism, One Night Stands 1971-1991. The first, assuming you are old enough to have been going to plays in the Seventies, is to be reminded of some wonderful, occasionally mind-blowing, evenings in the theatre. 1,107 more words


Why theatre criticism is actually impossible - WhatsOnStage.com

Here’s the thing about theatre criticism: it’s impossible.

Whenever I’m teaching criticism, that’s what I tell my students. It’s impossible. A review can never say all it wants to say, be all it wants to be or do all it wants to do. 71 more words


2016 Calgary Theatre Critics' Awards: A Celebration of Community

The 2016 Calgary Theatre Critics’ Awards was an evening full of anticipation and gratitude. The fifth annual event, hosted by Dave Kelly, was held at Commonwealth Bar & Stage where local theatre critics Stephen Hunt, Louis B. 381 more words

Canadian Theatre

2016 Calgary Theatre Critics' Awards: Nominees Announced

Calgary Theatre Critics, Stephen Hunt formerly of the Calgary Herald, Louis B. Hobson of Postmedia, Rodrigo Flores of Joyful Magpies and Jenna Shummoogum of Downtown Calgary Association are pleased to announce the nominees for the fifth annual Calgary Theatre Critics’ Awards. 1,105 more words