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So You Want To Direct A Play?

“No one can ever say, ‘You can’t be in the theater anymore.'”

-Hal Prince

Hello, my friends!

I haven’t been gallivanting around this blog the past week and I’m rather upset. 1,295 more words


Deconstructing Society

“12 Minute Dance” for some could be seen as terrible, obscure and downright bore to watch but it is unlike any other dance piece. Its basically asking you to deconstruct it piece from piece allowing your mind to interpret what you want to as the viewer. 146 more words



An exploration into an Ancient Asian legend using powerful visual and audio effects encapsulating me into a virtual world of tranquillity and adventure. Riuchi’s awe-inspiring masterpiece “The Tale of Ancient Lights” left me utterly astonished it was as if I had been placed under a spell as my brain could not comprehend what my eyes were seeing. 131 more words


mother! (2017)

As a filmmaker, Darren Aronofsky has never been one to shy away from the extremes of human behaviour, whether exploring its darkest heart, exposing its deepest psychosis or celebrating its brightest achievements. 954 more words

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Dunkirk - Review

Based on the events of the 1940 evacuation, Dunkirk tells the story of various British soldiers who attempted to escape France, and of the civilians coming to their aid. 723 more words


Prisoners - Review

The last few years for Denis Villeneuve have been exceptional. Off the back of the tremendously tense Sicario, he directed the critically acclaimed sci-fi mystery… 420 more words


Baby Driver - Review

A recent Forbes article compared Edgar Wright’s new heist comedy Baby Driver to the game series Grand Theft Auto. Arguably the best moments of Grand Theft Auto… 402 more words