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Tour de Shawnee 2016

Tour de Shawnee 2016

“I already don’t want to get up in the morning,” I say to my husband as he turns out the lights on our Cape Girardeau, Missouri hotel room. 7,752 more words


sea salt and a foreign-sounding jennifer

the millet fisherman walks

across the dancefloor until

he finds the right shade of skin

to fulfil all the desires that

music videos have stoked… 30 more words

Fragmentary Friday: The Sons Came Second

As early as Herodotus (4.32) it was doubted that the epic that told the story of the sons of the Seven Against Thebes was by Homer. 116 more words


Fragmentary Friday: The Thebais

We have the remains of an ancient epic called the Thebais that was attributed to ‘Homer’ by multiple sources in antiquity (although most scholars today, following Aristotle, agree that ‘Homer’ = Iliad and Odyssey or something like that). 247 more words


Theban Necropolis

During spring semester 2010, I, along with several other students in my introduction to GIS course, worked on the Theban Necropolis mapping project in association with… 45 more words


Tel el-Amarna, lost city of Egypt

In the middle 14th-century BCE, the 18th-Dynasty pharaoh Amenhotep IV broke with many centuries of tradition, when he proclaimed the sun disk Aten to be the god of gods. 361 more words


Two Pillars


In front of the house he made two pillars thirty-five cubits high, with a capital of five cubits on the top of each. He made chains like a necklace and put them on the tops of the pillars, and he made a hundred pomegranates and put them on the chains. 589 more words