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The creative titling continues, eh?  (Also, lateness.)  Anyway, this picks up from, well, about half-way through last week’s, actually.

After his sister Europa was carried off by the strange bull that had risen from the sea, Cadmos swore that he would find her, promising his father that he would not return to Phoenicia without his sister.   4,218 more words

Greek Mythology

Dionysos in Thebes

Not the best title, I admit, but I couldn’t think of a better one.

This reminds me, I still haven’t done the tale of Cadmos yet.  5,629 more words

Greek Mythology

Luxlady Mousepads Great Hypostyle Hall and clouds at the

The trackball could be the only thing you may require to get used to for the reason that rest of your mouse nevertheless runs similar to a standard mouse. 300 more words


The relationship between The People of Kush and The People of Ancient Egypt was unstable. At times they were staunch allies at other times they were fierce adversaries. 224 more words



This blog is a compilation of historical, archaeological, and linguistic evidence from the works of scholars from diverse backgrounds and eras, and from scientific genetic studies. 260 more words

Nefertiti: The Book Of The Dead

A review of the book by Nick Drake.

Will those who like crime novels and detective stories like this? I don’t know as it is not a genre I read much? 277 more words


The Burial at Thebes A Version of Sophocles Antigone Programs

When an individual departs, lingering family members or close-at-hand family friends are often attentive to the arranging of the funeral and burial ceremonies. Additionally, they are also responsible for deciding on a funeral home or burial ground, the fundamental burial accessories to be purchased. 250 more words