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The Riddle of Thebes


The temperature was high, and the landscape around the traveler seemed to blur away. Nevertheless, he kept walking forward. It had been days he was on the road, and yet, he could not cast his glance on the white contours of his destination. 1,750 more words


Review: Archaeological Museum of Thebes

Reporting live from the trowel’s edge…

For the next six weeks, Ricarda and I are sweating it out in the middle of the Greek countryside, all in the service of academic discovery and for the advancement of human knowledge. 862 more words


Nefertari: Queen of Egypt

Queen Nefertari was Ramesses II’s first and favorite wife. Archeologists know that she was not born a princess, but this wouldn’t have bothered Ramesses since his father Seti I became pharaoh after his birth. 494 more words


Korinna Laughed: Making Pindar Better

Plutarch, On the Fame of Athens 348 a

“Korinna warned Pindar when he was still young and puffed up over his proper use of diction that he was an uncharming writer [ 269 more words


A place called Thebes: Luxor first part.

The days after we didn’t do anything different. But now that I’m thinking I could do so many things in Cairo. Like going to Memphis and see that big statue from Ramses II, or going to a Mosque, another things for my bucket list. 730 more words


Within the framework of the Middle Kingdom Theban Project, an international mission under the auspices of the University of Alcalá (UAH, Spain) has uncovered over 50 clay jars filled with embalming materials for the mummification of the ancient Egyptian vizier Ipi during the cleaning of the courtyard under his tomb number (TT 315).

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It Only Takes A Few Men To Change History

With the proper motivation and preparation, small numbers of men can do great things.  Numeric limitation is but one part of the equation.  This fact will be illustrated by a story that appears in Cornelius Nepos’s brief biography of a Theban commander named Pelopidas. 32 more words