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Egypt.  One of the great Civilizations of World History.  From it’s Early beginnings around 3150 BCE, Egypt still fascinates and amazes even the most well travelled. 230 more words


Serenity at the British Museum

The ancient Egyptian sculptors were wonderful at this sort of transcendent beauty.  According to the British Museum info, the original statue was between 7.5 and 8m tall, and stood on the West Bank of the Nile at Thebes.. 13 more words

British Museum


Plutarch, Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans

Cato Major, hearing some commend one that was rash, and inconsiderately daring in a battle, said, “There is a difference between a man’s prizing valor at a great rate, and valuing life at little;” a very just remark. 11,708 more words


The Greeks Couldn't Let Him Rest in Peace: The Transfer of Hector's Bones

Lykophron in his Alexandra alludes to a strange tale of the transfer of Hektor’s remains from Troy to Thebes.  Since Lykophron is virtually unreadable, here is the account from scholia ( 152 more words



Suppose there is no Summerland,
no Valhalla, no Avalon.
Imagine, after an age of piety
and Christian sacrament,
that the Sky World hasn’t changed
since the gods ruled Thebes. 365 more words


What's Special About Thebes? Two Fragments from Sophokles

Sophocles fr. 773

“Do you say to me concerning Thebes and its seven gates
That it is the only place where mortal women give birth to gods? 73 more words


Aiakos, Aegina and the Building and Destruction of Troy: Pindar,Olympian 8

According to some authors Aiakos, who ends up as a judge of the dead in the underworld, was the son of Zeus and Europa. According to others (Pindar, Corinna) he was son of Zeus and Aegina (Or Poseidon and Aegina). 412 more words