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THaWS 2016. A Late Start and Sediments Beyond the Temple of Ay and Horemheb

So another season of survey and augering is under way at Thebes. The Theban Harbours and Waterscapes Survey has, for the past 5 years, been using geoarchaeological and geophysical survey to study the changing floodplain of the river Nile, and the dynamics between the ancient harbours and waterways and the Theban temple complexes on the West Bank and Luxor and Karnak temples. 710 more words

Vlad Țepeș a fost înmormântat în Italia ?

Cercetări foarte recente sugerează că mormântul său s-ar afla la Napoli 470 more words


The Living God Of Egypt

The world is trying to absorb the terrible violence in Paris last week, and that on the heels of the deadly Russian airline bombing,  additional layers of mayhem in humanity’s long and depressing chronicle.   303 more words

Welcome to Luxor!

On Tuesday 11 November 1862, Lucie Duff Gordon wrote to her mother –

Dearest Mutter, 

I write to you from the real Arabian Nights.Well may the Prophet (whose name be exalted) smile when he looks on Cairo It is a golden existence, all sunshine and poetry, and, I must add, kindness and civility.’ 187 more words


Past and present intersect in stunning archaeological thriller

The Oracle, by D. J. Niko. Medallion Press. 362 pages. Trade paperback $14.99.

The third installment of the Sarah Weston Chronicles finds Sarah, a British archaeologist, in Thebes. 404 more words

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Woe To Nineveh (Nahum 3)

Scripture Text:

Nahum 3

(Click the Scripture text to open the text in a new window.) 638 more words

Sneezing Your Way Toward Virtue: Socrates' Divine Inspiration

Plutarch’s De Genio Socratis (“On the Sign of Socrates”) differs from much of the work lumped together in his Moralia in that (1) it is a dialogue not a treatise and (2) it is  215 more words