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You Can

Zephyrs spurred spectered spectres
That wove scepters that altered
Respective receptive receptors.
Jarred jolts at despaired wonder,
Kinetically ascribed by tauntings;
Viscous hallucinogenic snots vis a… 56 more words



Speckled spectacled angel fishes
Levitating faery leprechauns in red
Gelatin holograms of flavored plum essences
Flying with black plasma birds of micro galaxies
Hovering drops of rainbow rains and… 123 more words


RANDOM REVIEW - TheFatRat Mixing Video Game Music with EDM

Okay so some really super cool person sent me a link to this youtube video earlier today… As you guys know, I LOVE TheFatRat. He’s this incredible DJ and I’m pretty sure I have previously done a review on some of his work. 151 more words