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On Guard!

Everybody tells you to be more careful when you go out shopping during the Holiday season, don’t they? Look under your vehicle. Don’t get into your car if there’s a van parked next to the driver’s door. 537 more words


Let there be light....

A few things have really shaken me this week.

On Friday my wedding and engagement rings were stolen from my office. Probably by a student.  Probably by a student I know.   1,069 more words


Windsor police Taser theft suspect after foot chase and brief struggle

A man who got into a scuffle with Windsor police ended up getting Tasered early Thursday after the officers allegedly found him leaving someone else’s garage with an armload of stolen tools. 122 more words

Local News

Theft in School Environment

by Maj Cabico

Nowadays, schools are very popular for thieves since students are using cell phones, laptops, camera, iPads, and other gadgets for education purposes. This caused a rich environment for criminals to commit theft. 193 more words

Colegio De San Lorenzo

Who in the Hell Would Steal This???

National parks in Arizona using microchip tech to deter thieves

So, apparently this is a thing:

Saguaros, an enduring symbol of the Southwest, can grow to more than 40 feet tall, weigh up to a ton and live 200 years.

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Police: 'Englishman' steals $500 scarf from Breckenridge man's neck

BRECKENRIDGE — Breckenridge Police are investigating a bizarre theft involving a man who stole a $500 Burberry scarf from another man while the item was wrapped around his neck. 209 more words