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Where were you in 1969? Undoubtedly, if you were alive, you were shocked and horrified by the heinous murders committed by Charles Manson and members of his cult. 268 more words


Review: The Girls by Emma Cline

Set in 1969 and succeeding the ‘Summer of  Love’ era, Emma Cline’s The Girls follows protagonist Evie Boyd as she longs for and eventually succumbs to the company of  Russell Hadrick and his group of adoring women. 431 more words

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Here are some things I love: Harry Potter, chocolate, Bridget Jones, caramel apples, Pride & Prejudice, paper products and kitty cats. Located at 510 Main Street in Park City, Utah, Dolly’s Bookstore has ALL of these things…and more. 269 more words

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I wish I could italicize "The Girls" in this blog post title

Emma Cline’s The Girls is daring in its dive into the living, breathing burgeoning female selfhood and sexuality, (that’s a mouthful but it tastes good) which is a thing so specific to most of our (I’m speaking as a girl and for girls here, hopefully w/o overstepping any invisible lines) youths, and yet everyone’s details are different. 394 more words

The Girls - Emma Cline

I finished this book in two days, wow. It is such an easy read, makes you relive that teenage anguish in a way that I have not felt when reading in a long time. 198 more words

The Girls

I don’t remember exactly how I heard about this book. I think I had been purchasing other books and this showed up under the  “You may also like…” section. 759 more words

The Girls

Good grief, you cannot move at the moment for reviews and recommendations of this book, I love the pool who had it as their bedtime bookclub read and so it was with very high expectations I started reading it and I was so flipping disappointed! 640 more words