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13 products every Hippo lover needs in their life

For many, hippos are the best freaking animals in all of the land. Known for spending most of their time in water, this dangerous mammal actually has cartoon-like features people absolutely adore. 185 more words


19 brides revealed the reason why they called off their weddings

It never ceases to baffle me how much stress and planning goes into a wedding. Of course, it’s an important day and the newlyweds understandably want everything to being perfect, but it seems like a huge production for such a short event. 73 more words


There, their and they're - What's the difference.

This is one of the most common spelling mistakes in English. They’re, their, and there are homophones (which means they are pronounced the same way). 69 more words


13 people reveal the scandalous ways they met their partners

Any time I meet a seemingly happy couple, I’m always curious as to how they met. Was it a fated rom-com scenario where she bumped into him at a coffee shop or he offered her his umbrella in the rain? 49 more words

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9 notebooks for anyone who wants to organize their chaos 

Feeling a little disorganized? Whether you’re planning to head back to school, starting a new job, getting ready for fall or just wanting to start fresh, there’s a simple product that goes along way. 322 more words


13 stylish grips for people who are constantly dropping their phone

If you’re one of those people who is constantly dropping your smartphone and watching in horror as the screen cracks into millions of tiny shards, you may want to invest in a more protective case. 237 more words


15 guys reveal the one thing what makes them swipe left on a dating profile

The online dating world will never cease to baffle me. Sure, I understand the convenience of simply swiping back and forth until you find someone you’re willing to actually spend time with, but so many people fill their profiles with bullshit. 76 more words