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9 London Girlbosses Reveal Their Secrets To Success

We get it. It’s summer. Your head says deadlines; your heart says tan lines. You should probably be burning the midnight oil, but it’s all you can do to not have your ergonomic office chair outfitted with an ejector button that’ll launch you up and over to the nearest rooftop… 7 more words

OTM Agents Slash Their Marketing Times

OTM Agents Slash Their Marketing Times

OnTheMarket (OTM) agents have recorded dramatic reductions in the time their clients’ properties are advertised for sale, according to latest research* by the property search engine Home.co.uk. 509 more words

[INDIE] "Starz In Their Eyes" - Just Jack

Ahh en gammal goding som spelades mest hela tiden på ZTV när den kom. Jack (som han faktiskt heter) kommer ursprungligen som London och Starz In Their Eyes var helt klart han genomslagslåt. 58 more words


There their now

There are few times when I see a homophonic error in a headline, but this one on Yahoo! Sports is a doozy:

Maybe the writers and editors are resigned to their fate working for a company that doesn’t care to invest in quality writing and editing.


'Mindful of only their common duty as Americans'

Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders, 1898 Slavery existed in Cuba longer than anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere, except Brazil. President James Buchanan wrote Dec. 16 more words