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Did Some Doubt The Resurrection of Jesus?

Does Matthew 28:16-17 provide evidence that some doubted the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ? 640 more words


Even the Unaffiliated Pray in America? Why?

A Pew Research Center study was done in 2014 in which Americans were interviewed to find statistics about how many people pray and how their religious affiliation or sex may be related to the amount that they pray. 998 more words

Good Or Bad?

What Prayer Reveals About God

Implicit within prayer is the acknowledgment that God is in control of our lives. If it were not the case that God is in control, it wouldn’t make sense to pray to Him. 368 more words


Convince Me There's A God: Lessons From Classical and Evidential Apologetics

I began this exciting journey more than five years ago (October 2012). The journey is explaining what convinced me to leave atheism for theism (Christianity). 1,829 more words

Faith Defense

Miracles Happen

“Believe one miracle story and you have to believe all miracle stories.”

Yeah, that’s a non sequitur if there ever was one.

But what is…

1,276 more words

Thought Vomit

The idea that there is a creator of the universe who sits and watches, silently judging their creation from another dimension, is an idea conjured from the stone-age philosophy of ancient minds. 641 more words


The Convert-Atheist Perspective


I was asked: What makes you think religion is illogical?

    For religious fundamentalism, in order to believe things without proof and disbelieve things that are proven, you have no choice but to be illogical, otherwise you can not rationalize your faith. 1,225 more words