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why do you stand there ?
refuse to come to me ?
is it better there ?
am i standing on a pitiful place ? 93 more words


Cleaning out the gene pool

“Nobody wants to talk about the Jews because you instantly are called anti-semitic, but if Hitler had managed to kill them all off we wouldn’t have Israel, and the Middle East wouldn’t be the shit hole of a mess it is today.” – Anon atheist on IRC… 26 more words


Atheists who want to Persecute Theists

“It should be illegal for any parent to teach their child anything religious. Child protective services should be called immediately. It is child abuse.” – Anon atheist in a chat… 50 more words


The Rational Agnostic

Recently someone said to me:

All rational agnostics are atheist by default.

This contrasted greatly with my own experience of becoming agnostic and thus I had to correct him.

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Religion and spirituality.

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. ¬†While posting this on Easter Weekend is appropriate, I’ve been meaning to post something like this for a long time, and the timing is mostly coincidental. ¬† 1,161 more words


Morality: God gifted or an evolutionary tool?

Theists claim that morality comes from God alone. And that without Gods morals, there is nothing stopping us from stooping to absolute decadence and chaos. It is kind of sad that one has to explain that being ‘moral’ out of fear of a God is a lot more scary thought, than that of an individual choosing to be ‘moral’ of their own volition, without needing to be threatened with dire consequences. 507 more words


Worldview Choice

We tend to believe what appeals to us.  Our worldview is usually based more on emotions or choice than on what is logical or reasonable based on evidence.  In this video, … 102 more words