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An Open Letter To Dr. Laura Schlessinger

I found this article on Tickld to be very interesting. I vaguely remember my mother listening to Schlessinger when I was fairly young. Even while carrying my own religious indoctrination back then I still didn’t care much for a lot of what she had to say. 604 more words


31 Questions For Atheists

Hey everyone! I’m steadily getting back into the groove of paying proper attention to the world again. I’m still not ready to post regularly again, however I watched a… 1,720 more words


The Devil in God or the God in Devil....or Whatever....

Human minds can be categorized into different categories…Here is a brief overview of the categorization…the several shades of a conditioned mind..on the God Vs Devil Concept…. 279 more words


Perfect Response To The Red Only Starbucks Cups

My co-blogger Jaime posted this to Facebook and it’s gold.


Scholarly Responses to Richard Dawkins: A Compilation

I know it’s a bit late to jump into the Dawkins arguments. Some people would like to read scholarly responses, and other really wouldn’t care. He is well known for being demeaning, misrepresenting beliefs, and insulting people who disagree with him. 90 more words


Threats from theists

Well, theistic threats are a logical junction; they feel oppressed hence the warning/threats. They don’t want anything to ruin their box of peace, their sense of social control. 533 more words

Personification of God

The pantheist views God as equivalent to the universe. This is a metaphysical view that any intellectual (agnostic or atheists) can relate to. The belief of God being the universe has a major design to its structure: Infinity. 438 more words