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Response to Atheists Don't Believe in Anything

I have often been baffled when I hear theists state that atheists do not believe in anything. It always seemed to be such a nonsensical statement that I did not understand what they were trying to convey. 943 more words


The day Darwin died

Today is an important day for me. It’s the anniversary of one of my heroes. Charles Darwin met his demise on April 19th 1882. His death has been the subject of much debate and even outright… 186 more words

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Parents Flee Country After Church Fails To Resurrect "Demon Possessed" Child They Starved To Death

In a tragic story out of Texas, secretary of Congregacional Pueblo de Dios Aracely Meza has been charged with injury to a child by omission.  The parents of the 2-year-old boy only named as Benjamin fled to Mexico after they… 225 more words


Oklahoma Public School Stops Distributing Bibles

Last week a story came to light of an Oklahoma public school teacher who handed out Bibles to her 3rd grade students.  Erica Mackey of Woodrow Wilson Elementary School brought the pocket-sized holy books to her classroom and offered them to her students.  604 more words


Degree of Belief

Anything related to the concept of “God” is a belief, since there is no definitive proof either for or against.  And the degree of belief varies from absolute certainty in God to absolute certainty in no god.  1,173 more words


Theist vs Atheist

On one beautiful Sunday, clear sun in the sky with few clouds casting shadow at times, the gentle breeze making the trees rustle and hair all fuzzy, our story starts. 736 more words


Religious Freedom or Push For Bigotry Rights In Non-Theologic Country?

The States are buzzing lately with outrage over Religious Freedom Restoration Acts.  As I’ve been a bit out of commission the last couple weeks I haven’t typed anything in regards to this issue.  854 more words