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Theists aren't stupid, they're just comfortable

As an agnostic, I’ve witnessed how cruel those of the agnostic/atheist vein can be to theists. I’m not saying that is inherently bad, nor even undeserved. 857 more words

On Being a Theist

The following is a paper I wrote for my Philosophy class at Liberty University in response to a popular article written by an atheist.

On Being a Theist… 2,362 more words

School Assignments

Deist / Agnostic / Theist / Atheist

Regarding a Deistic god I am Agnostic. Regarding a Theistic god I am Atheist.


What's worse?

Christians, what do you think is worse in the eyes of God, ‘deconverting’ from being Christian, or never converting in the first place?

Most people will agree that ancient people, or even today in countries with little outside influence, people that never learn about Christianity will not go to Hell. 449 more words


Arrogance and Closed Mindedness

The phrases ‘you’re arrogant’ and ‘you’re closed minded’ come up quite a lot all over the place, especially when discussing religion. I have heard a few people say that atheists are closed minded because they don’t believe in a god, or that they are arrogant for pointing out the flaws of Christianity, but is this claim true? 312 more words


The End of The Christian Persecution Argument

Seeing as how Christians in America can’t stop claiming they are being persecuted with the advent of marriage equality and the steady removal of their religion from the public square (where it should have never been in the first place), there are many arguments to shut down this idea. 54 more words


Dear Dad

You devoted your whole life to the church with the ultimate reassurance that our whole family would reunite in heaven. And I can’t deny that. But then again, I can’t give you that. 211 more words

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