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Dear Dad

You devoted your whole life to the church with the ultimate reassurance that our whole family would reunite in heaven. And I can’t deny that. But then again, I can’t give you that. 211 more words

Personal Life

Obi-Wan Lamb of God

Just wanted to share this pic that’s going around social media. I have some actual posts lined-up, I’m just trying to recover from some important schedule changes in my life. 6 more words


Si Robertson Thinks Atheists Don't Exist Because of The Calandar

I’d like to start this post by typing I hate giving any credibility to the Duck Dynasty family. I only do so because of the wide-spread media attention and faux political authority these people receive. 728 more words


Religion: Update

A couple weeks ago, I made a blog post about my religious views, which you can find here. Since then, I have gotten multiple questions about things related to that post that people are confused about, so I decided to make this to clear up any questions that were in the air. 802 more words


The GodBlock Webfilter

Earlier today Jaime sent me a link for a piece of software that I assume acts like a proxy server to block religious content from being accessed on your web browser. 712 more words


Details About Josh Duggar's Faith-Based Counseling

When I posted on the Josh Duggar molestation scandal my facts were a bit blurry. Dan Arel recently blogged about better details regarding this issue. 102 more words


Kent Hovind Released From Prison

Infamous creationist ‘fucktard’ Kent Hovind was released from prison Wednesday (08/07/15).

Nothing really spectacular about that, even though he was being considered for a life sentence. 85 more words