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What does the Beginning of the Universe actually mean?

The reason as to why theists call their God spaceless, timeless and immaterial is due to the recognition of the fact that if the universe has a beginning, then that beginning can never be from a source that already contained space, time, matter and energy. 287 more words

Why the Bible Cannot be the Word of God

I have written in my previous article how important it is for us to be conscious of our sources—where we get our information and how do we know what we claim to know. 535 more words

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On Darwin's Faith

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Depending on one’s perspective, Charles Darwin is a lightning rod and a foundation. Opposing sides in the theology-evolution issue use him in different ways. 714 more words


Theistic Deism

In humanity’s search for God the names given to deities and the religions that try to define them abound.  Yet, who among us has the wisdom and authority to name and define the Eternal First Cause of all life?  296 more words

Lets get to the bottom of this

I have watched many debates between christians and atheists. One thing that has always bothered me is you can’t get a straight forward answer from a christian about text in the bible. 78 more words


Who Am I?

I’m Son Of Belushi, a man of many (moderately executed) talents.

What Am I?

An Activist/Pragmatist.

I am very good at starting things, but I rarely see them through. 493 more words


The Bias of the Obvious in Philosophy

Philosophers often struggle and strive to create logical arguments to get at the truth of a particular subject or so the claim is. In philosophy classes, students are bombarded with various forms of logical deductive and inductive arguments, so that they know what qualifies as a genuine argument. 534 more words