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My Complicated Relationship with Religion

Certainly, I have a complicated relationship with religion. Currently, I am a non-religious atheist, or as I’m better described, a devout skeptic. (See the menu on the left for an article I wrote on that term.) I have been this way for years. 273 more words


Hall of Shame - Getting By

There are people that believe in God, and there are people that don’t. There are people like us who are agnostic. And what I want to say is that it’s okay. 312 more words

Past The Moon

If the government were like God

As this video by DarkMatter2525 shows, ff the government acted like God, the world would be a very Orwellian and frightening place indeed.


Why atheism is NOT a belief.

Atheism is NOT a belief. Yes, you can say “I believe gods dont exist”, but that is a negative of a belief. Atheism IS a stance on a belief, but it itself is not a belief. 51 more words


Between Theist and Atheist

Almost all the things in this world is a mystery. Partially can be solved, and other must be sincere in our intentions to remain a mystery. 1,804 more words


But intelligent people believe in God!

Another video feature, but this time concerning religion. I found this video by DarkMatter2525 the other day, and it sums up religious indoctrination in a powerful and effective way.


Circular Athiests

In a recent on line discussion with an internet atheist he (or she, I don’t really know but I’ll be referring to this person as he) made two startlingly immature statements.  604 more words