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The US is a Christian nation?

Well, it looks like the USA is a christian nation after all! Just look at all these quotes:

“Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.” – Thomas Jefferson… 259 more words


Death in the collected

Fight the good fight of the faith ; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses. 370 more words

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How Christian?

One of the common criteria listed for somebody to be called a Christian is that they must follow the teachings of Jesus. But just how Christian are the majority? 495 more words


A little note.

This is a little note to any theist blogger that mention atheism (and even some atheists bloggers); if you have the line “An atheist believes” or any variation of it, just know that you’ve discredited you’re entire post. 53 more words

Suicide rates.

I constantly here this brought up in debates or even friendly discussions; how come atheists/irreligious have a higher suicide rate than theists? Many theists claim it’s because we suffer without the love of God and I’m not going to argue that point. 130 more words

Open letter to Theists who KNOW I'm an Atheist.

*this letter is intended to be more of a suggestion filled request from ONE Atheists perspective. However, I urge you to consider them in whatever cross atheist-theist relationships you hold* 762 more words

On l'appel du vide and the a priori idea of God.

25th April 2016.

Empiricism argues that we can have no knowledge of something without first experiencing it through our senses.
Descartes ‘Trademark’ argument concludes that the mere fact we have the idea of God is proof of His existence- that our idea of an infinite being is one that cannot be created by a finite being such as ourselves, and so must have been put there by the infinite being (God) Itself. 186 more words

A Priori Ideas