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Who Am I?

I’m Son Of Belushi, a man of many (moderately executed) talents.

What Am I?

An Activist/Pragmatist.

I am very good at starting things, but I rarely see them through. 493 more words


The Bias of the Obvious in Philosophy

Philosophers often struggle and strive to create logical arguments to get at the truth of a particular subject or so the claim is. In philosophy classes, students are bombarded with various forms of logical deductive and inductive arguments, so that they know what qualifies as a genuine argument. 534 more words


Snippet from e-book

Below is a small preview of chapter 3 from my upcoming e-book. I think I will likely sell the first book for just 1 dollar in hopes more people buy it and hopefully enjoy it enough to buy the subsequent books. 501 more words


This Atheist's Confession

To begin the new year with a good start I visited my family to spend some time with everyone before our schedules got too busy again. 1,136 more words


A theist and atheist walk into a room...

It baffles me when people are surprised when I tell them my husband is a theist. Specifically he is a Christian theist. When people first meet me I tell them I am an atheist, and they quickly assume my husband is too. 654 more words


The Problem of Evil is a Problem for the Existence of God

Below is a paper I wrote for a religious philosophy class on the problem of evil. I deal with Swinburne’s argument trying solve the problem and why I think it doesn’t work. 1,362 more words