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The range of beliefs about God

I’m frequently asked “are you and atheist or not?”

I rarely answer.

Why? Because most people have a very simplistic and inaccurate system of labels, often used merely to stereotype people into buckets. 95 more words


Christians Against Dinosaurs

A few days ago I watched a video posted on Facebook on which a woman named Kristen Auclair presented a case against the existence of dinosaurs.  209 more words


A Georgia Bill To Ban Glow-In-The-Dark Humans

In Georgia, state representative Tom Kirby (R) is pushing a bill that would ban mixing jellyfish DNA into human embryos.

“It’s not a subject people sit around the dinner table talking about,”  Rep.

975 more words

The Arkansas Bill To Protect Discrimination

In Arkansas, State Senator Bart Hester has laid down an emergency bill (SB202) that would remove all non-discrimination ordinances.  The emergency is apparently a danger posed to businesses, who should be allowed to discriminate…indiscriminately.  720 more words


Abandoned Piety Podcast Episode 2

It’s a bit late due to computer failure, but episode 2 of APP is up on Youtube.  As Youtube is the new home for the podcast, episode 1 has also been uploaded there as well.


The atheist and the theist: The opposites that attract

An atheist was invited by his friend to a wedding ceremony to be held at a church.

The atheist entered and started looking at the decoration: Images of saints and Jesus crucified in a cross. 602 more words