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Return! and definitions.

At long last I have returned to attempt this blog again. I had decided to forego writing my musings on (a)theism as my thoughts can mostly be found in other resources, and explained better as well. 475 more words

The God Defense? - Part 2

Watching that video and reading through those comments really woke me up to a few things. Again; because these weren’t new revelations. Things like God doesn’t need help defending Himself. 2,109 more words



I don’t belong to the theist, atheist, chauvinist or feminist kind.
I belong to the Artist kind.

#Artist #aKind


Eat your veggies.


Was this the greatest theological question of the twentieth century?

Was just watching Veggie Tales with my lil bro and I found this to be funnier than I probably should have. 18 more words

I Am Bad At Tagging

Let Me Be Blunt

In my previous post, I began looking at an argument about whether or not it is possible to determine whether or not there is such a thing as a “ 401 more words


What does the Beginning of the Universe actually mean?

The reason as to why theists call their God spaceless, timeless and immaterial is the recognition of the fact that if the universe has a beginning, then that beginning can never be from a source that already contained space, time, matter and energy. 287 more words

Why the Bible Cannot be the Word of God

I have written in my previous article how important it is for us to be conscious of our sources—where we get our information and how do we know what we claim to know. 605 more words

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