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If the government were like God

As this video by DarkMatter2525 shows, ff the government acted like God, the world would be a very Orwellian and frightening place indeed.


Why atheism is NOT a belief.

Atheism is NOT a belief. Yes, you can say “I believe gods dont exist”, but that is a negative of a belief. Atheism IS a stance on a belief, but it itself is not a belief. 51 more words


Between Theist and Atheist

Almost all the things in this world is a mystery. Partially can be solved, and other must be sincere in our intentions to remain a mystery. 1,804 more words


But intelligent people believe in God!

Another video feature, but this time concerning religion. I found this video by DarkMatter2525 the other day, and it sums up religious indoctrination in a powerful and effective way.


Circular Athiests

In a recent on line discussion with an internet atheist he (or she, I don’t really know but I’ll be referring to this person as he) made two startlingly immature statements.  604 more words


Why do we believe in a 'Higher Power'

Interestingly the Koran sheds some light on this topic: ‘If you ask them, “Who has created the heavens and the earth?” They will certainly say, “God has created them.” ‘ 1,255 more words


Listen To Him

During this past week, my colleague and I were working on something we weren’t supposed to be working on and within intervals of our work, I kept having a check in my heart as to whether I should really be working on that. 456 more words

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