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Open letter to Theists who KNOW I'm an Atheist.

*this letter is intended to be more of a suggestion filled request from ONE Atheists perspective. However, I urge you to consider them in whatever cross atheist-theist relationships you hold* 762 more words

On l'appel du vide and the a priori idea of God.

25th April 2016.

Empiricism argues that we can have no knowledge of something without first experiencing it through our senses.
Descartes ‘Trademark’ argument concludes that the mere fact we have the idea of God is proof of His existence- that our idea of an infinite being is one that cannot be created by a finite being such as ourselves, and so must have been put there by the infinite being (God) Itself. 186 more words

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I was baptised Roman Catholic, I was sent to a Catholic school from Kindergarten to High School. And yesterday I came out to my family as an Agnostic Theist, I wont say that it was an accident I guess it was just never brought up in conversations, nobody ever asked me about my beliefs, it happened like this, my kid cousin and I were sharing my iPad because she was watching me play Clash Royale and she didnt want to go to Church and she asked me why I dont go to masses with them and I told her that I am an “Agnostic Theist” and she told that to her mom yesterday when she was being forced to go to church. 625 more words


The New Bible - Exodus 2

This chapter deals with Moses and his childhood.

  1. In order to stop the Israelites from growing in numbers, the pharaoh ordered that all male Israelite babies must be thrown into the river Nile.
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Islam, the religion of peace?

No other religion must constantly shout from the rooftops that is is peaceful more than Islam, but is it really the religion of peace?

Here are some interesting statistics: 593 more words


It Is Essential!

Growing up, praying was generally boring for me. I remember deliberately trying to make myself tired during secondary school so that when it was time for evening fellowship, I would sleep to avoid praying. 431 more words

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Can An Atheist Do Church?

For a good while now, I’ve immensely enjoyed having 2 day weekends. I work Monday through Friday and, generally, don’t work weekends unless my shop is busy during outage season, but even then, it’s not a common occurrence. 948 more words