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The Opposing Views Of An Atheist and Theist: Is it Reasonable to Believe in God?

Lawrence Krauss vs William Lane

The first speaker was William Lane. He believes that God is the divine creator and the one true God. Lane believes that almost everything can be best explained by God. 1,163 more words

Why I Choose To Lead The Life Of An Atheist!

How can you say that! How can you question the relevance and existence of God? God is the supreme almighty who governs and watches us all. 1,331 more words


What’s Up With Religious Folk?

While I hold religious people with good regard, I am forced to object to some things they do that don’t seem fit in the new world. 858 more words

Dystopian Atheism

“Religion should be as aggressively sought-out and exterminated as the very cancer it is. It should be made illegal. Anybody caught telling their children religious concepts should be arrested for child abuse, and the kids handed over to CPS. 35 more words


The Theist versus the Free Thinker: The Battle between Faith and Reason

  I have wanted to write a post about first philosophy, or metaphysics, for quite some time so against my better judgement  I  have decided to go for it. 2,107 more words


Religion may be defined as an institution which demarcates an individual by imposing a set of illogical (sometimes logical) rules and regulations.


Immortal Piety of the Immortal Dieties

Born an atheist to an extremely religious family,  its always been very difficult for me to believe that some supernatural power that created us would ever expect us to repay by praising them day and night, lighting aggarbatis and not being anywhere near the so called “God” during my menstrual phase. 328 more words