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Hello There, Pro-LGBT Christian Person. Why Can't You Be More Like Me?

Adam Lee at Daylight Atheism has a message for Pro-Gay Christians:

Wouldn’t it be such a relief to just be, to live your life honestly and without apology, without all this worry about bigotry and rejection?

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Men of OKC: What's with the attitude?

Sometimes dudes don’t get it. Sometimes dudes don’t get it at all. Sometimes “it” doesn’t get the dudes. Here is one bizarre conversation that I had with someone where “it” was no where near the equation. 1,935 more words


The Existence of Morals and Values: The Source Of Where They Came

The debate over the source explaining how we came to know right from wrong, or what is explained good or evil from as mankind based upon the perspectives of Believers and non-believers alike, in respect to both the question of whether or not these views come from a higher power such as God, or whether we as humans can honestly base a foundation of Morals with a supreme higher power as God. 118 more words


What Atheism Means

Just over a year ago when I started writing on this blog, one of the biggest insecurities I had was about whether or not I thought I was an Atheist. 911 more words


"what with their straw-men, patronising, condescending tones and general arrogance"

Today I received a slew of comments from an atheist who appears to be very displeased with me.

The comment threads splintered into two different tracks of thought, though, so for my own reference I’m going to link to the start of them both here. 74 more words

Just Religion

Owning One's Views

The comments on my last post have got me thinking about a very important concept that has been running around in my mind for quite some time. 976 more words


Oversimplifying Theism: An Example from Daniel Dennett

Daniel Dennett, author of Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon, has suggested one reason it’s so hard for theists and atheists to talk with each other: “There’s simply no polite way to tell people they’ve dedicated their lives to an illusion.” 352 more words