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The Man in the Other Room: An Analogy for Apologetics

The Room

Imagine you and a friend are sitting in a room. There is another room on the other side of the wall that you’ve never been in. 707 more words


Atheists Outnumber Theists

Religions are the tools in the hands of the world’s 1% rich to put slavery chain on the necks of the people in order to abuse their human/civil rights and keep them under their control. 581 more words

God Authored and Concludes Science

I see no conflict. I just do not see it, contrary to what most people (both theist and atheist) believe. When I hear people say that science and God are two warring forces, I am saddened by their choice to blind their senses. 458 more words

Random Thoughts

Theists and Atheists

Why did you send a thousands to convey a single message,

Instead you should have sent a person to convey thousands of words.

At least we would have been divided just in to two. 13 more words

3:07 AM

Why I'm Not Anti-Theist

Over the next few days, I’m going to be taking a closer look at some specific criticisms I have of Christianity. This isn’t something that I intended to do, but it ended up happening anyways. 645 more words


Not Reason, But Excuse

Two posts (here and here) by Insanitybytes and Malcolm Greenhill, respectively, have hosted a couple discussions on reason and morality. Specifically, the notion of reason being used to justify morality is being called into question. 776 more words


Worship, an OCD

Christianity and Islam are rampant because they are “compulsions” akin to existential worries. Like afterlife.

“Where do I go to when I’m dead?”

The human being thinks he has to go somewhere after death. 277 more words