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No Need For Reminders

The following is an open letter to all Christians who feel that I must have missed something about the faith.

Considering all the religious material I was exposed to growing up, I can safely say that I am in no need of reminders about my former faith. 1,003 more words


Christianity: Passing the Buck

This has been something that’s been on my mind for months now, and I keep putting it off. I put it off because there isn’t a polite way for me to talk about this character flaw I have retained from making excuses for my faith. 1,016 more words


Meaningful Comparisons

Author’s Note: I got a little bit of inspiration from this post by Mr. Justice over at “The Culture Monk” this morning.

Theists believe they have a corner on the truth, and everyone else is a bunch of curmudgeons. 794 more words


Repentance and Evolution

After reading a post on Repentance and Evolution on a philosophy site I frequent, it lead me to have to respond…

“Repentance, to me anyway, is really a matter of love, for both oneself and God alike, and I believe those very mechanics work for any Theists, Atheists, or Agnostic that strives to keep their darker self under some kind of beneficial observation, and adjustment that may potentially move one toward, an inner peace of a kind… I like this quote from Dr Francis Collins whose team mapped out the Human Genome… “One of the main reasons I wrote The Language of God” (His book) “was to try to put forward a comfortable synthesis of what science teaches us about the natural world and what faith teaches us about God. 974 more words

Disorganized Crime...Human Behavior