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Untangling the Web of Faith

This post over at “Good and Godless” had a video that got me thinking about the nature of how faith systems are abandoned. I say faith systems because the video expressed a thought that I kind of tossed around last year on my blog. 727 more words


Men of OKC: The Convert

Sometimes the men of OKC amaze me. Often, not in a good way. I started talking to one man way back in August of 2014. He told me that he was born in Morocco and lived in France and a had led a really interesting life. 829 more words


Hearts Over Minds

This recent post over at “Godless in Dixie” is a great explanation of how Christian faith relies more on emotional feelings rather than intellectual justification. It’s the apples and oranges of discussion, and I think drawing attention to it might help explain why sometimes repeating cogent argument doesn’t always rebut what some Theists say about their beliefs. 633 more words


Why is Agnosticism a Big Deal?

This post by Seth over at “Weighing the Evidence” had got me thinking about agnosticism again. An Agnostic with regards to religion is someone who has a belief that knowledge of any deities is ultimately unattainable. 819 more words


Men of OKC: Spirit

I hate small talk. I really hate it. I’ve already done one blog about the conversationalists of OKC and gave some more examples of it later. 1,332 more words


Hello There, Pro-LGBT Christian Person. Why Can't You Be More Like Me?

Adam Lee at Daylight Atheism has a message for Pro-Gay Christians:

Wouldn’t it be such a relief to just be, to live your life honestly and without apology, without all this worry about bigotry and rejection?

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Men of OKC: What's with the attitude?

Sometimes dudes don’t get it. Sometimes dudes don’t get it at all. Sometimes “it” doesn’t get the dudes. Here is one bizarre conversation that I had with someone where “it” was no where near the equation. 1,935 more words