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Reasons Not So Awful (Part I)

I am neither a strong believer nor a strong disbeliever. Sure, I do not really believe in God’s existence yet, because I have quite a few unanswered questions about that. 1,267 more words


Invalidating Agnosticism?

I am new to WordPress, I am still at a loss when it comes to getting a catchy title for my posts, or when it comes to introducing myself. 1,104 more words


15:00, Thursday, 3rd of October 2016

​I believe in something which I feel no need to explain others.

But sometimes it seems necessary to let people know that ‘I’m an Atheist’ so that people may not get confused or misunderstood by my behaviour and everything would be clear. 195 more words


Right or Wrong? -- Gotta Get The Question Right First

The middle ground is often a hard place to remain. You hear arguments from all around and almost get to pick and choose where you stand, what you accept and reject, what you will take with you and what you will discard where it lays. 284 more words

Philosophy & Thoughts

nowhere else to go

come you vegetarians in dr.’s leather shoes… work the ethic of the red… while you’re voting the blue… you deny that there’s a god then say your daily prayers… watch your food and steps then go on weekly benders… 95 more words


The Case: Theists v. Atheists, Part 6 and The End

In the first five parts of this series of posts I made a few claims, namely that the dialogue between atheists and theists is both ineffective and really almost nonexistent. 865 more words


The Case: Theists v. Atheists, Part 5

… continuing from Parts 1-4. (If you haven’t read those, please go back and do so. SR)

And, a reminder that the parts in italics are excerpts (not necessary quotes of the author) from the book… 1,707 more words