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Why can’t we for once...THINK?

Over the past few years it has been, more than often, pointed out to me that my behaviour towards those around me has changed drastically, for the worse. 746 more words

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Doubting Faith Isn't Weird

Often I come across the idea that doubting one’s faith is silly, evil, or stupid. Of course, the goal behind this is to paint doubts in a negative light, to make people feel that doubting is unnatural or strange. 520 more words


If you ban women and homosexuals from purchasing your products, don't complain about low sales figures

98.6% of us Brits do not attend church, and I wonder why…Is this down to the growth of non religion or a growing Muslim population? Both no doubt are having an effect, so the news leaves a bittersweet taste in my mouth. 266 more words


"What if I die?" by Apoorv Katiyar

Zenith glows and twilight gleams with no ado?

Windows glisten; they’ll see a façade fade.

Lives of close ones, friends and family changes so?

The effect lasting or is it my mind’s jape, 70 more words

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Untangling the Web of Faith

This post over at “Good and Godless” had a video that got me thinking about the nature of how faith systems are abandoned. I say faith systems because the video expressed a thought that I kind of tossed around last year on my blog. 727 more words


Men of OKC: The Convert

Sometimes the men of OKC amaze me. Often, not in a good way. I started talking to one man way back in August of 2014. He told me that he was born in Morocco and lived in France and a had led a really interesting life. 829 more words


Hearts Over Minds

This recent post over at “Godless in Dixie” is a great explanation of how Christian faith relies more on emotional feelings rather than intellectual justification. It’s the apples and oranges of discussion, and I think drawing attention to it might help explain why sometimes repeating cogent argument doesn’t always rebut what some Theists say about their beliefs. 633 more words