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Biggest Blunder Committed by Science

I think the biggest blunder science has committed is this: it has shown how it is possible to be spaceless and timeless. Why? This is because when theists bring their God in the picture at all, they bring him in as the creator of the universe, not as a mere observer. 142 more words

An Atheist Talks to Her Mother

I’ve recently run across a letter from a young atheist to her religiously devout mom. It’s poignant and well-expressed. See: https://theclosetatheist.blog/2017/03/12/an-open-letter-to-my-mother/

Roger Christan Schriner


Arguing about God’s Existence: Which Side Won the Debate?

This is an updated summary of a debate about the existence of God in which I took both sides of the argument. For the full text of the debate, see the previous several posts. 650 more words


Atheists, Agnostics and Fundamentalists (Oh my!)

I had a friend explain to me that the real meaning of atheist is not a certainty that there is no god but rather that an atheist has no set religious beliefs. 558 more words


Reasons Not So Awful (Part I)

I am neither a strong believer nor a strong disbeliever. Sure, I do not really believe in God’s existence yet, because I have quite a few unanswered questions about that. 1,267 more words


Invalidating Agnosticism?

I am new to WordPress, I am still at a loss when it comes to getting a catchy title for my posts, or when it comes to introducing myself. 1,104 more words