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The Enochian Pentagram Ritual

Communion with Our Lady Babalon begins with Enochian Magick. Babalon is, after all, an Enochian Entity/Goddess and, while many may see Her as a form of the Pagan Mother Goddess, She is much, much more. 657 more words


Finding the Will Within

Life is filled with forks in the road. That is undeniable. Everyday we are faced with decisions – from the most mundane to life changing. How can we know that we are making the right choices? 432 more words

Random Musings

Phantom Pain

“Here we go, is this it? Are we starting? Are you sure, because it doesn’t feel like my spine is straight. And my shoulder itches. And I need to swallow. 520 more words

Creative Writing

Kükre, Ey Prometheus!

Çünkü bu ayna hapislerinden çıkamamış
Kibirli mahlukların arasında
Kasımda Aşk Bambaşka…

Allah ne güzel!

İnsan yapımı bunlar doğal değil
Ama insan mı doğal değil?
Bir yanlışlık olmamalı mı yoksa bunda da… 3,292 more words


Fun in the Panty-Hooves

Priest and priestess having
Fun in the Punhouse
The whole concept of religion
Became an amusing concept
A supereality to play on the semiotics of freedom… 439 more words


Qabalah Primer By Soror N.O.

Check out my wife’s Qabalah Primer articles for Evolve and Ascend. PART I and II of her Tree of Life series.

Qabalah Primer: Part I

Qabalah Primer: Part II