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Whore-kus #2

A continuation of our series of haikus dedicated to the Scarlet Woman…

She is Mystery

The Daughter of Fortitude

Her time is now come

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Banishing, Grounding, Invoking, Evoking and Sacred Space

What are banishing, grounding, invoking, evoking and sacred space?

when, why and how would I use them?

What is the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, and why and how can it benefit me? 3,389 more words


Waratah Blossoms


are the veils of the dancing girl in the harem of IT.


are the names and


are the lamps beside Her bed. 153 more words


Whore-kus #1

A selection of haikus dedicated to the Scarlet Woman….

Sip from her chalice

Sweet ambrosia, taste her wine

The blood is the life!

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I’ve had a year of transformation and crisis, turmoil and growth, which has been both traumatic and magical, appalling and unmissable. This isn’t one of those things where you can say “there, it’s over” (that isn’t how deep processes work), but I am coming through and feeling the joy of life return, and a much deeper sense of self-worth and original selfhood. 247 more words


April 10

1904: Alwass finished the dictation of the third chapter of The Book of the Law. Edward Alexander Crowley, aka Aleister Crowley was born in 1875 in Warwickshire, England. 590 more words