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In The Book of the Law (Liber AL vel Legis), Chapter II:55, it is said:

Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet… 82 more words


Daily Tarot: Truce & Triumph

Peace is restored but rests in a delicate balance. Words, skill & craft have brought the forces of division into a temporary harmony.  Each blade touches another, resting upon the petals of a white flower. 265 more words


Hadit Day Class and Reading - Tonight at PPW

Mike Rogers will host a special edition of the Pagan Pathways Workshop  discussing the background of Thelema’s holiest text: The Book of the Law. He will conclude the class with a ritualistic reading of Chapter II.


Closer To The Golden Dawn: Ten Songs About The Occult. Aleister Crowley Publishes The Book of Law, This Day in History, 08/04/1904.

1.  David Bowie ‘Quicksand’

(from the album Hunky Dory, 1971).

2.  Donovan ‘Season of the Witch’

(from the album Sunshine Superman, 1966).

3.  The Rolling Stones ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ 91 more words

Alternative Music

the world of your choice

We have Sun! We have blue skies! The back door is open, incense is burning and it’s starting to feel like very early Summer. In two days it will be the anniversary of the reception of The Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley (111 years ago). 583 more words


More books!

I couldn’t stop myself from ordering this book. Hoping for a fast delivery. Mr Mailman, please come here asap!

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