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The Forty Eight Keys

This year I began reading the phonetic key that corresponds to the month number each morning. Silly ?,… perhaps!… but as a seeker of ‘ 135 more words


One Star in Sight

Thy feet in mire, thy head in murk….how hope in heart, or worth of work? No star in sight!

Welcome to my blog on Crowley, Magick & Mediation. 68 more words


Why I'm leaving the OTO

For those unfamiliar with Thelema or the OTO, you can read my intro here

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law… 1,254 more words


The Apocalypse of Little Jack Horner

In your cold corner

Broken, incomplete and you!

You once burned so brightly

Now your song a weak whisper

Tempts her not

It is for me to take your place… 96 more words


Against Her Nature

When the carpet is pulled up

& the bodies are found

Strong Runes cast

Hexes drawn

When the floorboards come up

& the bodies are found… 133 more words


Throttle Down

Throttle Down (song)

Choke Out

That last dying bloom

Choke out

With weed & thorn

Black out

That rose window

Black out!

Pull the lid… 113 more words