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A Bowlful of Light

The Eucharist was always the thing that got me, in church when I was young. I was the only unbaptised one in the whole school, and I alone had to sit in my pew while all the others lined up to receive the body of god. 967 more words

On the Development of the Khu

A cultured man lives far from nature, far from natural conditions of existence, in artificial conditions of life, developing his personality at the expense of his essence .

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Much has been unfolding since Samhain. In addition to the Sabbat’s own rituals, the subsequent Rites of Approach (I’ve most recently completed the Solar one) and workings that have taken place with my coven, with other Thelemites, and within my spiritual court have sent me down an ever-accelerating path of self-discovery and practical, cunning manifestation. 513 more words

Spirit Work

Przekaz z tybetańskich krypt


podpalić gwiazdy flag
spopielić mieszczański świat
kopać, drążyć, wykrajać
aż po zmarłych kości

żyć gorączkowo, suwerennie
i znakiem Kaina bez litości
szanować, kultywować
czym się prajaszczury odurzali… 66 more words



Wyznajesz Lucyfera?

Nie, ja jestem nihilistą w duchu U.G. Krishnamurtiego. Lucyfer to mój patron jako artysty, bo wg. niektórych jego alternatywne dzieło stworzenia to utopia, nie-rzeczywistość do której można uciec przed realnym światem a więc i sztuka wchodzi w ten zakres. 2,310 more words


Labyrinth Initiation by Inanna & Marduk

Marduk & Inanna: We open you like a book, Nanaea, to help you look inside yourself for we are not only outside of you but we are also within you. 1,566 more words

I have a hunch

The questioning, exclaiming marks show sentiment – reflective; but one’s a little bent to gain a new and fresh perspective.

The Hunchback looks down at his feet, asks questions of the earth; The Soldier stands all tall and proud, with confidence since birth. 45 more words