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Who or what is Babalon

I found this text and loved it. It explains who Babalon is and what she represents. A godess of freedome, liberation and strength. All credits to… 11 more words


Frater Kairos "Aleister Crowley the Man vs. Aleister Crowley the Prophet"

This is also my opinion about Thelema and Aleister Crowley, but I could never put it in so many well thought words. Look and learn people!


Sy Caldean

Personal, up close and always charming. This woman is amazing! Her thoughts about Thelema is inspiring! Check her out 6 more words


Frater Kairos

Frater Kairos is broadcasting his points of views from his living room whilst drinking wine and smoking in true Thelema way. And he is good at it! 61 more words


The Star Ruby ritual

Frater Kairos part I. He is reading and thinking and performing the Star Ruby ritual. Spend your time looking at this! It is is amazing, filled with facts and other interesting stuff. 18 more words


The Holy Texts of Thelema: Class A Texts: Word Frequency

4982 the
3079 of
1825 i
1753 and
1018 thou
1018 a
1014 in
888 o
803 is
752 thee
743 that
699 to
566 my… 6,716 more words

Word Frequency

Being Human

Feeling like a human being, and connecting with other humans can be a struggle for me as an autistic person. So often, qualities that are defined as essential and “natural” to humans don’t come as naturally to me, or as I’ve come to realize, simply *work differently*. 373 more words