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Witches of America

There’s a lot of controversy in the Pagan community when it comes to this book. I haven’t dived into either side or researched what everyone is saying. 468 more words

Book Review

Q & A: Thelema and the Self

I have recently been given some quality feedback regarding the “Thelemic-ness” of some of the ideas in The Brazen Serpent. Most of these questions center around the idea of “self,” (no pun intended) as I have expressed in… 777 more words


What IS magick?

Our world is in the grip of forces beyond our control.

Matter, gravity, linear time. We are specks of inconsequential dust upon the winds of these elements. 564 more words

The Feast for the Second Day of the Writing of the Book of the Law

☉ 19° ♈ : ☽ 5° ♒ : ☽ : Ⅴⅰⅴ

Yea! deem not of change: ye shall be as ye are, & not other. Therefore the kings of the earth shall be Kings for ever: the slaves shall serve. 267 more words


Another Post (second post)

Just an update. Yesterday was interesting. I was sitting against a wall in Triangle Park with my backpack at my side, my phone next to the pack, my black aluminum chamber pipe I’ve dubbed “The Shadow” sitting atop my phone. 611 more words


First Post

Back to blogging.

Had! The manifestation of Nuit!

Hail this first day of the Feasts of Liber AL.

On this date two-hundred fourteen years ago, Aleister Crowley, accomplished British poet, writer, record-holding mountaineer, and brewer, was with his wife, Rose Edith Kelly, on honeymoon in Cairo, Egypt.  345 more words



Hey there thanks for visiting! My name is Maria, I’m twenty-five years old, I’m working on going to school at the moment. I’m mostly going to use this as a place for me to explore my practices with Thelema, Kemetic Orthodoxy & Judaism might make an appearance because I’m half Jewish. 292 more words