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Use the force! NOW!

In a galaxy, far far away…

When I started to dabble around the occult, there was one major issue that not only got me frustrated like hell, it nearly stopped me from following the path universe so harshly kicked me onto. 952 more words

Generic Rant

Asana Report 6

Posture “The God”, sitting upright and tensed, for 30 minutes. Began at 3:15pm roughly. Sunny outside, with window and curtain open. No activity within the house or any moving about in it. 275 more words


A Hermetic Journey

With an excerpt from Daughter of the Mighty Ones


Soror Syrinx

During the rigors of our path, we take the hero’s journey through the unknown while battling our inner monsters, facing our fears, and collecting wisdom along the way. 1,130 more words

Soror Syrinx

David Shoemaker - Living Thelema

(Anima Solis Books, 2013)

Dr. David Shoemaker is propably the most down-to-earth lecturer on Aleister Crowley’s system of Thelemic Magick I have come across. In an ocean of sloppily written or overly (unnecessarily) obscure works on all things Magical (or Occult for that matter), one might seek decades for a book to summarize these themes in an intelligent and lucid way. 387 more words

Book Review

Magic & Religion

One thing that attracts many people to Paganism(s) is a curiosity about magic (sometimes spelled magick). Magic is a common practice among many religions that fall under the Pagan umbrella. 733 more words


The re-soundtracked version of Lucifer Rising you didn't know you needed

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

If Thelema has a film maker to call its own – it is Kenneth Anger. 474 more words


Liber L. Vel Bogus - Getting down to brass tacts

Reviewing Richard T Coles’s, Liber L. vel Bogus: The real confession of Aleister Crowley. (promo)

Review to follow.

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