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Thelema and the Path of Power

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

It has become apparent to me that there is a certain faction of Thelemites who believe that because Frederick Nietzsche is accorded honours within the broad Thelemic context, that Thelema should be interpreted as a conservative, right wing, fascist, might-is-right system of attainment, which at least one individual has described to me as ‘The Path of Power’. 697 more words

LAM working, part 3


I am sitting in god asana, with pranayama 6+6 without kumbhaka. Some time passes, maybe about fifteen minutes, when the first signs of automatic stiffness and sweating appears. 1,742 more words


LAM working, part 1

“Yet even so was I not deceived; for the crown hath twelve rays.
And these twelve rays are one.”

Liber DCCCXIII vel ARARITA, sub figûra DLXX… 853 more words


On astral plane and rising on the planes

One thing is to achieve astral projection, the other is how long you can stay there. But I have to admit, it is a sweet trouble, once when you find yourself in. 2,601 more words


Astral projection. Fundament of dreams. Also, on trance techniques.

We will now continue with presentation, but in order to progress further, you have to forget everything you learned so far. A change in consciousness that is experienced during the trance and astral projection is more valuable than all the seminars and workshops on which you have ever been. 3,846 more words


When winemakers play [Khuluma magazine]

Carla Hüsselmann joins a few of Mzansi’s finest winemakers in their quest for the perfect barrel.

It’s been a rough week again, juggling the constant demands of two award-winning wineries. 1,706 more words