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New Author Website! And a sneak peek...

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog and there are a few things to report.

  1. This space is now a part of erinpetti.com – my author website!
  2. 169 more words

My Agent Love Story: True Grit

In the beginning of 2012 I finished writing my first manuscript, a middle grade story called THELMA BEE. I sent it to some writerly friends and they gave great support and a few suggestions. 707 more words

The 50% Querier

So, I wrote a little book, polished it up, and sent it out into the world. First tentatively, and then with mounting confidence. I received rejections, but also full requests from wonderful agents. 457 more words


A quick update. I mentioned that my work had been accepted into the Pitch Madness contest a few days ago but didn’t have much more info. 154 more words

Writing away from the Berlin Wall

One of the really wonderful things I experienced while working on THELMA was just a quiet granting of permission to have fun.

Most of you know that I’ve performed comedy for a long time, so fun is something that I’m accustomed to in theater. 581 more words


This week I conducted a training during a birds of prey show. Owls, specifically.

The earthy, long haired presenter held a library full of second graders in rapt attention as she hooted loudly and educationally into the microphone. 344 more words