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Some Random Advice About Love


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We have all been in love and we all know that sometimes, (most times) it really can be a bitch. 400 more words

Diatribes And Rants

Looking For New And Interesting Ways To Masturbate This Holiday Season?

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The new IT gift for this holiday gifting season : moisturizing socks. The inside of the socks are coated with a substance that locks moisture in, leaving your feet soft and touchable. 335 more words


Links, Drinks, And All Kinds Of Kink: Retarded Family Edition


Many of you will be dining with yours tomorrow, hoping desperately for a happy reaction to the Xanax you pop and the wine you drink at dinner. 83 more words


Relationships: Me Time Versus We Time

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I have never lived with anyone that I have dated. Once, for three weeks I stayed with an Air Force guy I was seeing in Biloxi, Mississippi but that didn’t work out because my best friend was also living there and had to flee the city after creating a fake identity and then being found out. 363 more words


Sneak A Peek Inside The Showroom Of The 2011 LA Auto Show

STUDIO CITY (CBS) — It’s time for the annual unveiling of the new car models at the L.A. Auto Show! Bryce Gruber, editor of TheLuxurySpot.com, stopped by KCAL9 Wednesday to talk about her favorite models. 318 more words

Seen On TV

Several Reasons To Have Sex With A Scorpio

According to the Zodiac the sign of Scorpio rules over the genitals, thus a Scorpio man will proclaim himself king of your vagina. He will treat it like one of his humble subjects, throw bread at it when it is hungry and proclaim far and wide that he won’t charge a high income tax. 348 more words


Sparkle where the sun don't shine

Ok, it has been at least a week since I have posted something inappropriate about private parts, I would say it is time for another one, wouldn’t you? 187 more words