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Anthropocene: is it for real?

 A bit of background

The term Anthropocene epoch refers to the different geological, ecological, sociological, and anthropological variations in the contemporary history of the Earth (Waters et al 2016) caused by human activity. 1,966 more words

Theme 2

Batman v. Superman; Yeah, It's Not Good

This movie gave me an actual headache.

Spoilers ahead, but I recommend reading anyway. It’s not worth the trip to a theater, and if you’re determined to do so, knowing what you’re in for might save on brain cells. 1,166 more words


Theme 2: A

S T E P H A N I E    M Z E E 

A 20 year old, Kenyan-South African conceptual designer/photographer who is well on her way to stardom. 76 more words

Theme 2

Theme 2 is for everyone that LOVE the arts and creative industry

As South Africans I feel it is our responsibility to give as much support and love to our fellow artists. 110 more words

Theme 2

Dream Tech!





Saturday 2016

7 pm to 3 am



(Entry Free – Till 9 pm) 18 more words


Assignment #2

Collaborate with a teacher and evolve their practice

Teacher Librarians have the potential to transform teaching and learning in any given school. Exploring strategies to engage colleagues in professional collaboration is key to transform the teaching and learning in the classroom. 1,585 more words