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Sorbet theme! Mmm icecream.. Wait, it's not??

Mobile friendly! Yaay! So many mobile friendly blog themes! Although I am NOT fond of this theme is has plenty of options. I wouldn’t use this theme though, somehow it just doesn’t have that “BAM! 165 more words

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Sobe theme.

Mobile friendly, yet again! Although there aren’t many options with this theme, I do like how it looks. I use static here because I like how it makes the header look. 132 more words

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The afterlight theme.

Another mobile friendly blog theme! Yaaay! Other than changing around the background there’s not much options to customised the looks.. It’s more of a “click title to read more” kind of blog. 341 more words

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Theme Minnow.

Actually, this was the first theme I used on my main blog.. Back when I had NO IDEA what I was doing. This theme is… 183 more words

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The pachyderm Theme.

This theme is mobile friendly! And Evelyn is right.. it looks like a baby shower theme. Lets try to make it look a bit more.. 122 more words

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Theme Syntax.

The previous theme tried to kill my eyes. It was horrendous. Don’t ever use it.

Syntax is mobile friendly! No need to turn that option on! 279 more words

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Theme MLB "Fan".

Err.. This is a baseball theme. It’s loud and screamish. it hurts my eyes. I am NOT a fan of this fan theme.

This theme is NOT mobile friendly so, unless you want to cut the majority of wordpress out, don’t use the “mobile” option. 159 more words

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