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Fashion Friday's Late Night Edition....The Veil

The veil is by definition a piece of fine material worn by women to conceal or protect the face. In my world it serves as a way to add a sense of mystique to the models face, and draws attention to the lips or eyes. 72 more words


***Theme is: THE MOON***

***Required Mechanics are: Squad Based Game. 3 persistent characters (that the player controls) with different abilities. 1 Player***

***Standard art assets are required*** 67 more words

Theme 2


***Theme is: THE MOON***

***Required Mechanics are: A PLAYER AND THEIR TRUSTY VEHICLE. (1 PLAYER)***

Do NOT wait until the last minute to start.

Name your executable with the following naming convention: 45 more words

Theme 2

Showing some skin

Every novel, play or screenplay begins with an idea. A character, a moment, an issue begging to be explored. It gets you thinking, pondering, mulling… and you’re off… Sometimes you fly.  537 more words


Anthropocene: is it for real?

 A bit of background

The term Anthropocene epoch refers to the different geological, ecological, sociological, and anthropological variations in the contemporary history of the Earth (Waters et al 2016) caused by human activity. 1,966 more words

Theme 2

Batman v. Superman; Yeah, It's Not Good

This movie gave me an actual headache.

Spoilers ahead, but I recommend reading anyway. It’s not worth the trip to a theater, and if you’re determined to do so, knowing what you’re in for might save on brain cells. 1,166 more words