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[THE STATS] Girls in school

An education is everything. Doors become more easily opened when a person has an education. It is already a tragedy that so many children in the world are unable to attend school, out of poverty, lack of resources, or governmental neglect. 222 more words


April, Pt. 2: "Close"

Verb or adjective? An ending or a beginning? A goodbye or a hello? Either way, there’s gotta be a song hidden between those lines. Why don’t you hum us a few bars?…


Shower your Bride!

All the dresses have been purchased! Orders made! Endless brunches going over every wedding detail and now it’s time to just celebrate your upcoming day with your main ladies! 690 more words


Romantic Paris.

It was probably when I was in the third grade that I came across the city of Paris in a book. It was from that point on that I had my heart set on going. 102 more words


How Subjective is a Story's Meaning?

When talking about a story’s meaning, many people come to the conclusion that the meaning of a story is variable and personal, subject to individual interpretation. 1,092 more words


[NEWS] Things are about to change...

So that we have time to do our giveaway announcements, we’re holding onto our Health and Happiness theme one for one more day! However, the 13th will be the start of a brand new theme, with lots of information and awareness-raising. 23 more words

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Part 3 Project. Body Dysmorphia


Starting the final project.
Experimenting with ways in which I can explore my topic. Today I planned ideas to get ideas flowing and physically start creating things. 15 more words