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5 Things Great Teams Have in Common

For the last four years, we have worked with a lot of teams. Some teams are small family shops and others are Fortune 500 companies. We have worked with political teams, state and federal agencies, healthcare, manufacturing, textile, and customer service-based teams. 493 more words

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3 Healthy Ways to Acknowledge Your Weaknesses

I was listening to a podcast the other day and came across a quote that stopped me in my tracks. “Weakness isn’t something you ‘get out,’ it is something you acknowledge.” I love this quote so much because of its implications. 228 more words

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The Joy of Saying No

When coaching teams, I find that managers with Responsibility can often enable a teammate to produce low quality work and perform at minimal capacity. In simpler terms, the manager has a slack employee and is enabling his “slackness.” 325 more words

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Theme Thursday: Military working dogs

I have had a mini fascination with military working dogs lately, but it’s hard to find good books about them…

Ones I still have to read:

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