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Close-up Theme Thursday

This is supposed to be a close-up portrait theme, but I never follow the rules so why start now.  Besides, I don’t know anyone here well enough to start taking close-up pictures of and I already used the cat for a portrait picture last week.     45 more words

Theme Thursday



Sometimes a simple view can make for an interesting snap-shot; these industrial bits and bobs looked quite striking against the blue of the Western Australian sky, so I snapped a few!


Catchlights: Theme Thursday

Again, I waited until today to take the actual photos :)


I was scrolling through some old photos looking for some photos for a different post and realized that most pictures have some sort of catchlight. 126 more words


Catchlights Theme Thursday

This weeks theme was catchlights.  What are catchlights, you ask? A catchlight is the “light source that causes a spectacular highlight in a subject’s eye in an image.”  I don’t know about spectacular, but here is my effort for the week… 71 more words

Theme Thursday



I just love those photos that have one detail in them that really captures your eye; a colour, a texture, a shape….this week, I got onto some of the images I’ve taken that had a bright pop of colour in them and had a go editing them to focus just on that. 41 more words


Silhouette: Theme Thursday

I kinda LOVE silhouettes!!!! I have been thinking the last few weeks that I’d like to make another set of these:

{sorry about the quality of image – phone snapshot when I realized I wanted an example} 346 more words


Silhouette Theme Thursday

Yesterday I went on a Wellness Hike at work.  Once a month the Wellness Committee hosts a hike to get us out of the office and moving (I know, I know, it sounds like a rough place to work, but I manage).   77 more words

Theme Thursday