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So Sofitel Bangkok

Ever go to an ice cream store and wish there are more flavors? 

It’s a fact that hotels usually give you only one flavor to choose from. 607 more words

Hotel Reviews

Suns and Lovers

When you woke up, he was always the first priority

When you ate, your first thought was him

When you travelled, how will he manage was your question… 142 more words

Lifestyle & Relationships

Gratitude as a Writing Exercise

Man, I dug The Secret. And I love The Magic, which stems from the teachings of The Secret. It’s a 28-day gratitude practice. It’s cool, and it works. 500 more words

Teaching Yoga

Assassin's Creed IV: Narrative as Theme

So I’m banging into my Masters now, and it’s honestly just wonderful. Lots of reading, lots of learning, right up my alley. The Masters is on video games (twist!), and I imagine some of the stuff that I read about will inform the posts here. 1,089 more words

Video Games & Narrative

Ah, Door...My Old Nemesis.

Spoilers for late-game developments in Horizon Zero Dawn


Well that was a whole lot of something, wasn’t it?

Well then.

Fair warning, I’m very tired. 2,418 more words

Sunshine Cake

It’s officially summer and, with any luck, we can look forward to blue skies and warm, lazy days. The peak of the season means bright mornings, long evenings and high spirits; our serenity threatened only by the persistent presence of wasps. 514 more words


Salient Theme: Conflict in Safari with Bootstrap 3 styles in Caldera Forms

I recently detected a CSS conflict in Safari when using the popular Caldera Forms plugin.

While other Browsers work fine – in Safari (and Cliqz) the input that a frontend user enters into form fields is cut off so you only see the very bottom of the letters. 239 more words